Event Program

The full program will be available by July 2017.

LpS 2016 Conference | Day 1
26 Sep 2017
LpS 2016 Conference | Day 2
27 Sep 2017
LpS 2016 Conference | Day 3
28 Sep 2017
07:00 - 10:00



  • OLED Workshop
  • Light Perception Workshop
  • LiFi Workshop
  • Scientific Partner Workshop

Session 1

  • Opening: Challenges and Future of LEDs, Ki-bum Nam, Seoul Semicondutor, CTO
  • Laser Lighting: Opportunities and Criticalities, Dr. Nicola Trivellin, LightCube, CEO
  • Lighting Industry Quo Vadis, Klaus Vamberszky, Zumtobel Group, EVP Technology
  • Lighting Quality for the Next Decade – Visions and Mission for the Lighting Industry, Horst Rudoph, ITZ/Trilux, Director Research and Lighting Technology
  • 2017 LED Industry Update: Highlights and Future Trends, Pars Mukish, Yole Développement, SSL & Display BU Manager
  • Infrastructure Needs for the Evolving Lighting Industry, Dr. Norman Bardsley, Bardsley Consulting, CEO
  • The Fairhair Alliance Facilitating the Internet of Things for Commercial Buildings, Teresa Zotti, Philips Lighting Research, Scientist for IoT Systems
  • Theory of Light - Reloaded Dr. Stefan Kreidler, onlog, Network & Innovation Manager
  • Good Light Above the Clouds, Prof. Volker von Kardorff, Kardorff Engineers, CEO
  • Lighting Quality for the Next Decade – Visions and Mission for the Lighting Industry, Horst Rudoph, ITZ/Trilux, Director Research and Lighting Technology
  • Melanopic Photometry vs. Melanopic Lux - The WELL Standard as a Case Study, Dr. Octavio L. Pérez, Mount Sinai Hospital, Researcher
  • TiL Forum: Exhibiting with LED Lighting - Museo dell’Opera del Duomo in Firenze, Massimo Iarussi, Studio Massimo Iarussi, Founder & Lighting Designer
  • TiL Forum: How Lighting will Become a Secondary Function of the Luminary, Bastiaan de Groot, Feilo Sylvania, Global Director Strategy & BD
  • TiL Forum: Is Smart Lighting Smart in the Eyes of the Customer? Dr. Thomas Knoop, Zumtobel Group Services, EVP
  • TiL Forum: Light Management Meets IT Technology, Sven Müller, ITZ/Trilux, Director Lighting Systems
Pars Mukish
Dr. Stefan Kreidler
Dr. J. Norman Bardsley
Dr. Nicola Trivellin
Dr. Kibum Nam
Prof. Volker von Kardorff
TiL Forum: Bastiaan de Groot
TiL Forum: Massimo Iarussi
TiL Forum: Dr. Thomas Knoop
Teresa Zotti
TiL Forum: Sven Müller
Dr. Octavio L. Pérez
Klaus Vamberszky
Horst Rudolph
12:00 - 13:00


Session 2

  • Chip Scale Package LED Lighting Modules: Opportunities and Challenges, Pierrick Boulay, Yole Développement, Market and Technology Analyst
  • The Architecture of IP Connected Lights can be the Blueprint for Connected Buildings, Thomas Moder, Tridonic, Segment Manager Controls & Connectivity
  • Design, Substrates and Processes for the Production of High Performance LED Flip Chip Modules, Dr. Franz Schrank, Tridonic, Head of Research & Technology
  • Colorimetry and Variability of LEDs, Dr. Thomas Merelle, Pi Lighting, Senior Consultant
  • IoT Standardization Needs and Multiple Connectivity for Lighting Controls, Dr. Walter Werner, Werner Mgt., CEO
  • Interoperation of Street Lighting CMS within IoT Urban Ecosystems, Arturo Rubio-Dobón, ELT, Business Development Manager
  • Light Net - Occupancy Intelligence for the Built Environment, David Whitfield, IoL Technology, Founder and CEO
  • TiL Forum: Artificial Sky – The Evolution of the Sun Indoor and the Moon between Poetry and Science, Prof. Paolo Di Trapani, CeoLux, President
  • TiL Forum: EINSTONE Smart Retail – Proven Sales Increase for Retail by Light Installations, Dr. Christoph Peitz, OSRAM, Director EINSTONE Business
  • TiL Forum: Bluetooth Mesh Working Paves the Way for Smart Lighting as a Service, Martin Woolley, Bluetooth SIG, Technical Program Manager
Dr. Walter Werner
Dr. Thomas Merelle
Pierrick Boulay
David Whitfield
Thomas Moder
TiL Forum: Prof. Paolo Di Trapani
TiL Forum: Dr. Christoph Peitz
Dr. Franz Schrank
Arturo Rubio-Dobón
TiL Forum: Martin Woolley
14:30 - 15:30


Award Ceremony & Keynotes

  • Lighting Visions, Trends & Projects in Modern Architecture, Helmut Kinzler, Zaha Hadid, Architect
  • Connected Lighting – A Global View, Jan Denneman, Philips Lighting, GLA, President
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Connected Smart Lighting, Dr. Wu Chou, Huawei, CTO
Siegfried Luger
Keynote: Dr. Wu Chou
Keynote: Helmut Kinzler
Keynote: Jan Denneman

Session 3

  • Opportunities in Spectral Tuning from High Color Rendition to Horticulture Applications, Ingolf Sischka, Lumileds, Technical Solution Manager
  • Communicate with Graphics from IES TM-30-15, Markus Reisinger, Lighting Research Studio, CEO
  • Understanding and Applying the Latest Eye Safety Standards to LEDs, Modules and Luminaires, Alexander Wilm, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, Senior Key Expert Illumination
  • Monocrystalline Luminophores for High Power Illumination (Laser), Tomas Fidler, Crytur, Research Engineer
  • Closed-Loop Sensing: Human-Responsive Lighting Delivers ROI, Tom Griffiths, ams, Sr. Marketing Manager
  • LED Drivers Overview Considering State-of-the-Art, Differentiation and Regulations, Iván Cid Jiménez, ELT, R&D Manager
  • Zhaga Interface Specifications for Connected Lighting and a Circular Economy, Dr. Dee Denteneer, The Zhaga Consortium, Secretary General
  • BLE and Cloud Based Smart Lighting Solution, Timo Pakkala, Casambi, CEO
  • Latest Trends and Technologies for High-End Retail Lighting, Sebastian Hülck, EBV, Director Segment Lighting
  • Thermal Management for Chip-Scale Packaged Lighting Modules, Dr. Giles Humpston, Cambridge Nanotherm, Applications Manager
  • Light Guides and Asymmetric Optics, Dr. Marc C. Hübner, auer Lighting, Director Optical Technologies
  • Materials and Technologies for Lighting Applications, Adrean von Mühlenen, BASF, Senior Innovation Manager
  • TiL Forum: Light is Freedom of Design, Tatjana Schwarz, OSRAM, Business Development Manager
Tom Griffiths
Tomás Fidler
Dr. Dee Denteneer
Sebastian Hülck
Alexander Wilm
Timo Pakkala
Dr. Giles Humpston
Dr. Marc C. Hübner
Markus Reisinger
TiL Forum: Tatjana Schwarz
Iván Cid Jiménez
10:00 - 11:00


Session 4

  • Hybrid Quantum Dot - Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells, Dr. Ekaterina Nannen, Nano Energie Technik Zentrum, BD
  • How the Latest High-Power Silicon-Based LED Technology is Transforming Form, Function and Performance, Giuliano Cassataro, Plessey, Sales Director
  • Converging Power Supplies for LEDs, IT & Consumer Electronics with Integrated Magnetics, Dr. Fred C. Lee, Virginia Tech, Professor
  • Smart and Secure IOT LED-Streetlight with Digital Driver Technology, Ulrich vom Bauer, Infineon, Senior Segment Manager
  • Implementing Smart Lighting Using Bluetooth Mesh Networks: Specification Walk-Through for Lighting Professionals, Simon Slupik, Silvair, CTO & Chair of the Mesh Working Group at Bluetooth SIG
  • High-End Plastics for Prospective Optical Applications Alexander Woerle, kdg opticomp, Head of Technology & Innovation
  • An Optimized Gas Filling for Gas Cooled LED Bulbs, Dr. Calogero Sciascia, SAES, Head of Laboratory
  • TiL Forum: DALI Version 2: Lighting Systems and Interoperability Benefit from New Standards and Mandatory Certification, Dr. Scott Wade, DALI/DiiA, Technical Manager
Szymon Slupik
TiL Forum: Dr. Scott Wade
Dr. Fred C. Lee
Dr. Calogero Sciascia
Dr. Ekaterina Nannen
Giuliano Cassataro
Ulrich vom Bauer
Alexander Woerle
13:00 - 14:00


Session 5

  • New Outdoor Stable LED Technology Enables Cost Efficient and Compact Luminaire Designs, Markus Hofmann, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, Senior Key Expert
  • Future Performances in CRI for Indoor and CCT for Outdoor Lighting, Xavier Denis, Application Engineering Mgr, Nichia
  • Roll-to-Roll Solution Processed Flexible OLEDs from the PI-SCALE Open Access Pilot Line, Prof. Pim Groen, Holst Centre, Professor
  • IoT System Architectures of BMS, LMS & BIM, John Sayers, Johnson Controls, Senior Project Development Engineer
  • Miniaturization of LED Drivers, Mickey Madsen, CEO, Nordic Power Converters
  • How the OpenAIS Group Communication Allows Secure and Low Latency Interoperable IoT Based Lighting Controls Designs, Giulio Borsoi, Zumtobel Group, Researcher
  • OS-NET, An Optimized Wireless Lighting Control Solution, Andy Huang, IR-TEC, Business Development Director
  • New Thermally Conductive Polycarbonate Materials for Heat Management in LED Lighting, Axel Wetzchewald, Covestro, Marketing Manager
  • Innovation in Water Purification Systems with UV-C LEDs and Silicone Optics, Dr. Francois de Buyl, Dow Corning, Adhesion Senior Specialist
  • Smart Design of Freeform Micro-Optical Elements for Thin Direct Lit-Luminaires, Dr. Christian Sommer, Joanneum Research, Deputy Head of Research Group
  • Optimization of Free-Form Optics Using T-Splines in LED Illumination Design, Annie Shalom Isaac, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Researcher
  • TiL Forum: Lighting Design meets Technology, Round Table Discussion by APIL
  • TiL Forum: The Role of the Lighting Project in a Multidisciplinary Design Process, Dr. Arch. Helena Gentili, Politecnico di Milano, Adjunct Professor, Lighting Designer
John Sayer
Dr. Francois de Buyl
Prof. Pim Groen
Dr. Helena Gentili
Annie Shalom Isaac
Markus Hofmann
Dr. Christian Sommer
Andy Huang
Axel Wetzchewald
Mickey Madsen
Giulio Borsoi
Xavier Denis
16:00 - 17:00


Keynote: Fred Maxik

Transition of Illumination - Light Centric Humans
Keynote: Fred Maxik
18:00 - 21:00


Session 6

  • Smart and Flexible Luminaire Production Solution, Dr. Daria Casciani, Politecnico di Milano, Researcher, Designer
  • Lifetime- and Economic Efficiency Simulation of LED Luminaires, Sebastian Hämmerle, Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, Researcher
  • Improved Robustness of Linear LED Systems, Hans Kwint, Philips Lighting, Head of Product Quality
  • Advanced Materials to Protect LED Systems from Degradation Caused by Sulphur and Halogens Based Contaminants, Dr. Alessio Corazza, SAES, BDM
  • Spectroscopic and Oscilloscopic Studies of Commercial LED Bulbs and Their Flickering Measurements, Dr. Aman Nagi, University of Lucknow, Researcher
  • Impact of Spectrum and Color Temperature on Circadian Clock and Melatonin Suppression - Spectra Model and Installed Projects, Luca Marinozzi, Cariboni Lite - Fivep, Optics Developer
  • Photorealistic Luminance Measurement Method and Homogeneity Analysis by Using Digital Cameras, André Custódio, Aspoeck, Optical Engineer
  • Solid State Lighting Measurements - From Basics to Recent Developments, Dr. Denan Konjhodzic, Instrument Systems, Application Engineer
  • Special LED Lighting for Poultry Farms: Research and Extension, Prof. Jinming Pan, Zhejiang University, Professor
  • Challenges and First Practical Experiences of Roadway Lighting Design in Virtual Reality, Viktor Zsellér, Arrow, Application Engineer
  • LED Lighting Systems for Indoor Horticultural Systems of the Future - inFarming, Volkmar Keuter, Fraunhofer-Institute, Head of Department Photonics and Environment
  • Towards Finding the Optimal Illumination Spectrum for a Particular Retail Scene, Kaveh Ahmadian Light&Lighting Lab. KULEUVEN, Researcher
  • TiL Forum: Miniaturization Workshop
Viktor Zseller
Dr. Denan Konjhodzic
Dr. Alessio Corazza
Kaveh Ahmadian
Dr. Aman Nagi
Volkmar Keuter
André Custódio
Sebastian Hämmerle
Prof. Jinming Pan
Luca Marinozzi
Dr. Daria Casciani
Henry Marvin Böll
10:00 - 11:00


Session 7

  • Accelerated LED-Degradation under Exposure to Air Pollutants, Andreas Zibold, Fraunhofer, Researcher
  • Aerosol Jet Printing: A Promising Technology for LED Packaging, Dr. Paul Hartmann, Joanneum Research, Director
  • Smart and Flexible Luminaire Production Solution, Christian Stöhr, Mühlbauer, LED Project Leader & Global Account Mgt.
  • Lighting Quality Metrics - CIE and IES Recommendations on Flicker, Color Rendering and HCL, Mikolaj Przybyla, GL Optic, COO
  • The Importance of Accurately Modeling Light Scattering in Luminaire Design, Dave Jacobsen, Lambda Research, Senior Application Engineer
  • Material Light: A Paradigm Shift in Light Composition and Technology in the Theatre, Prof. Nancy Bussières, Ecole Superiere de Theatre - UQAM, Professor
  • LUMENTILE EU Project − Integration of SSL into Ceramic Tiles: A New Product for Smart-City Applications, Dr. Luca Carraro, University of Pavia, Project Manager
  • TiL Forum: Miniaturization Workshop (EPIC)
Andreas Zibold
Mikolaj Przybyla
Dr. Paul Hartmann
Prof. Nancy Bussières
Dr. Luca Carraro
Prof. Gordon Elger
Christian Stöhr
Dave Jacobsen
12:30 - 13:00


CYBER SECURITY, Lighting Up the Dark Corners of the Internet of Things (IoT)

CYBER SECURITY | Learn how to get safety into your IoT lighting system! | Ken Munro, Partner @ Pen Test Partners
Ken Munro


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