ACC Silicones

ACC Silicones
ACC Silicones

ACC Silicones is a specialist manufacturer of silicone elastomers producing encapsulants, adhesives, and thermal transfer materials used within the LED lighting and electronics manufacturing industry. With over 35 years of experience supplying the most demanding of industries, including aerospace and automotive.
Since the launch of their SILCOTHERM® range of silicone based thermal interface materials in 2012 they have continued to build their reputation for supplying high performance silicones. The SILCOTHERM® range includes Neutral Cure RTV Adhesives, Heat Cured Adhesives, Encapsulants, Gap Fillers and Compounds.

An extensive range of optically clear encapsulants and gels provide the design engineer with options for environmental protection and high levels of light transmission. ACC Silicones chemists and production units are able to innovate bespoke formulations to meet their customer’s individual needs.

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Amber House, Showground Rd., Bridgwater TA6 6AJ, UK
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