IR-TEC stands for Innovation, Reliability, Technology, Efficiency and Cooperation. Ever since 1982, we have committed ourselves to build IR-TEC as a truly innovative, reliable, technological, efficient and cooperative business party for all stakeholders. Today, we are proud of our achievements as these commitments have already become our corporate identity and business credos. Meanwhile we also appreciate the everlasting efforts from all IR-TEC employees who have made today’s IR-TEC a globally renowned designer and manufacturer of human presence and activity sensing products.

Maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction is another driving force of our success, thus we never stop our efforts in delivering consistent quality products with competitive pricing to our customers in more than 90 countries. Non-stop research and development also help us to supply more state-of-the art products to meet the demands from fast changing markets. Once again, we are very pleased to present IR-TEC’s product catalog to all professionals in security, lighting and HVAC control markets. To provide you an easier and faster way to understand what IR-TEC’s has to offer, we classify our products into 3 different groups as below according to their applications.

Intrusion Detector & Security System(IDSS), Occupancy Sensor & Energy Management(OSEM), OEM integration & Specific Application(OISA)

Should you find our products not fully meet your requirements, please feel free to contract our sales department with your specifications and requirements. We will work closely together with you to deliver your exclusive product. Wish you enjoy doing business with IR-TEC.


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