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The full program will be available by July 2017.

SEPT 27, 08.30 AM – 10.00 AM
Photonics 4 – Industry 4.0 | End-User Workshop | Chances of LiFi

The End-user workshop on visual light communication (LiFi) explains the technology and focusing on the chances to adapt LiFi technologies in real applications.

SEPT 27, 14.00 PM – 17.00 PM
Visual Perception – Theory, Practical Demonstrations, Limitations | Bartenbach Workshop

September 28th, 09.30 AM – 01.00 PM
Miniaturization of Solid State Lighting Systems | EPIC Workshop

With a special look at novel SSL systems in Automotive, Signalling, Wearables, Horticulture, Indoor/Outdoor and Construction.

The miniaturization of SSL light engines and systems allows for new types or revolutionary designs of luminaires and lamps with new form factors and expanding application fields, such as in automotive, signaling, wearables, horticulture and through the integration into building materials in the construction sector. The “EPIC Workshop on Miniaturization of SSL systems” will bring together high-level representatives from key organizations in the sector. Active discussions will cover the topics of improved cost/performance ratio,  energy efficiency and novel application fields of miniaturized SSL systems.


September 28th, 14.00 PM – 15.00 PM
Lighting Up the Dark Corners of the Internet of Things (IoT) – Live IoT Hacking Demonstration

Ken Munro, Partner @ Pen Test Partners

LED professional Symposium +Expo
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