Wetzchewald, Axel

Covestro, Marketing Manager

Wetzchewald, Axel

Covestro, Marketing Manager


Following my mechanical engineering studies at the University of Wuppertal in 1988 I joined the Application Development Department for ABS of Bayer AG’s Plastics Division in Leverkusen as a technical development engineer. After technical and sales positions in the European consumer products and medical industry in 2007 I became Sales Manager EMEA/LATAM for Polycarbonate in construction applications at Bayer Material Science AG. As of 2013 at Covestro Deutschland AG as Segment Manager Industrial Marketing responsible for the strategy development Polycarbonate in the industries Electrical & Appliances in EMEA.

New Thermally Conductive Polycarbonate Materials for Heat Management in LED Lighting

Covestro Deutschland AG provides under the trade name Makrolon® a well-established range of customized polycarbonate grades for LED lighting applications, e. g. for optics, diffusors and reflectors. With Makrolon® TC a newly developed portfolio of thermally conductive resins offers new options for cost effective and reliable heat sink designs.

The new portfolio comprises on the one hand of a selection of grades with elevated thermal conductivity combined with excellent processing behavior. With material solutions for injection molding and extrusion processes a brought application field is covered. Designers get the choice between different conductivity degrees to better balance needs for heat dissipation, design presetting and cost targets, because additional functions or quality needs can be achieved without post-treatment like drilling or milling. Further cost-down potentials can be explored by in-mold assembly of PCBs, supported by the good flowability of Makrolon® TC grades. In-mold assembly of PCBs will both reduce number of assembly steps and eliminate thermal interface materials as well as mounting parts. On the other hand, electrically insulating Makrolon® TC grades with increased mechanical stability and smooth surfaces allow combining heat sink functionalities with those of housing or reflector parts. The good adhesion properties of Makrolon® TC grades with itself and other polycarbonate based resins enable various 2-component designs for injection molding and extrusion processes. One thinkable injection molding design may consist of a highly thermal conductive component managing the heat dissipation, whereas the electrically insulating component takes the role of a reflector or housing with additional thermal effect.

For linear lamp designs 2-component extruded profiles made of Makrolon® TC and transparent Makrolon® ET grades may eliminate further assembly steps and parts for mounting and sealing. In general, as an amorphous material, Makrolon® TC grades provide high dimensional accuracy and stability over a brought temperature range combined with low distortion tendencies.

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