Cassataro, Giuliano

Plessey, Sales Director

Cassataro, Giuliano

Plessey, Sales Director


For more than 15 years, Giuliano Cassataro has been spearheading business growth for leading companies in the lighting industry. In 2013, Giuliano was appointed the Sales Director at Plessey UK, bringing invaluable knowledge to the lighting sector in terms of both technical and LED product specifications, in addition to a comprehensive understanding of market requirements. Before this role, he was the Business Development Manager for Cree Inc., covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa. At Cree, he developed and established the LEDs module market in these regions. He holds a Diploma in Electronics and an MBA in addition to an EXBA from the Politecnico University of Milano.

How the Latest High-Power Silicon-Based LED Technology is Transforming Form, Function and Performance

Over the past two decades, LEDs have revolutionised how lighting products are designed. But the full potential of LEDs for general illumination in terms of transforming the form factor, functionality and performance of lighting products is only now beginning to be realised. LEDs in mid-power applications have given product designers significantly more flexibility. However, high-power LED products have remained large and cumbersome, mainly due to two important factors: optics and thermal management. The chip-on-board LEDs in a typical industrial luminaire, for example, may be small, but the lens or reflector assembly and heatsink are much larger. And it’s these that define the form and size of the product. This paper reveals how cutting-edge LED chip technology is changing all of this, with examples of products that are available now and provide a glimpse of the future.

Plessey has pioneered a new generation of LED chips that use a substrate of silicon, instead of the usual sapphire. The unique properties of these GaN-on-Si LEDs open up brand new possibilities for lighting product designers. When combined with innovations in beam-forming technology, GaN-on-Si is transforming our view of what tomorrow’s LED lighting products will look like, and what new applications they will be able to address. For example, the company has developed high-power LEDs that look set to revolutionise all directional solid state lighting applications from portable devices to street lights and floodlights. This is because a single GaN-on-Si chip can provide 30% more output, through secondary optics, than conventional four-chip solutions. The single-die design also eliminates the shadow effects of multi-LED products, is more reliable, is improved in terms of thermal and lifetime performance and performs far more consistently over a wider range of temperatures. GaN-on-Si LEDs remove the need for the large, customised secondary optics and heatsinks that are traditionally needed to create powerful directional lighting products such as spotlights, downlights and high bays. The nature of GaN-on-Si LEDs has enabled Plessey to create ground-breaking miniature optics too, with chip scale optics technology at the individual-chip scale. Chip level optics using a patented silicon etch process is being used for general illumination as well as micro-LED applications for printing.

The first off use in innovative beam-forming technology is incorporated in a new range of light modules that are smaller and lighter, with better thermal performance. As an example, an LED high bay with a depth of 200mm could be directly replaced with one of only 36mm: 6mm for the light module and 30mm for the heatsink.

In summary, this presentation will provide insights about:

  • How to make luminaires more compact without sacrificing light output
  • Why optics and heatsinks don’t have to define your product design
  • How to harness the revolutionary potential of GaN-on-Si LEDs

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