Bardsley Dr., J. Norman

Bardsley Consulting, President

Bardsley Dr., J. Norman

Bardsley Consulting, President


Norman Bardsley is a member of the Technical Advisory Team for the Solid State Lighting (SSL) Program of the US Department of Energy (DOE). In this role he is a co-author of the DOE’S SSL R&D Plan, helps to set the agenda for the annual R&D Workshop and manages research projects. Norman also acts as Chief Analyst for the International SSL Alliance. Following the award of an M.A. Degree in Mathematics at Cambridge University and a Ph. D in Theoretical Physics from the University of Manchester, Norman served as Professor of Physics at the University of Pittsburgh, Strategic Business Development Manager at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Director of Roadmaps and Standards at the US Display Consortium and Director of Display Technology for DisplaySearch.

Infrastructure Needs for the Evolving Lighting Industry

The replacement of traditional light sources by LEDs has led to a major reorientation of the lighting industry. While much of the production of LED packages and lamps has migrated to Asia, there are strong incentives to locate luminaire manufacturing close to the customer. There is also increasing interest in the production of fixtures and lighting systems that do not mimic the form and function of traditional systems, but fully exploit the characteristics of solid state lighting (SSL).

To benefit from the opportunities arising in the revitalization of the lighting industry, renewed commitments are needed in several areas: Research and Development, Investment in new equipment and manufacturing facilities, Education and retraining, and Cross-disciplinary collaborations.

This lecture will compare these activities in 5 geographic regions (China, Europe, India, Korea and North America) based on: SSL R&D Plan of the US Department of Energy, Global SSL Trade and Manufacturing Analysis – National Renewable Energy Lab, Lighting Market Characterization – Navigant Consulting, and Global SSL Market and Industry Development – International SSL Alliance.

Within R&D the focus will be on the development of SSL systems that enhance light quality and provide added functionality, as well as enhancing energy savings. Special emphasis will be placed on the adaptation of lighting systems to improve the health of humans, plants and animals. Needs for additional data and for more objective analyses of pilot projects will be identified. The Trade and Manufacturing Analysis will include breakdowns of the cost of luminaire production in each region.

Although the published text of the paper will present broad data on various market sectors, the presentation will go into more depth on a few specific examples, such as lighting for poultry farming, commercial offices, classrooms and healthcare facilities.

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Session 1

10:00 - 12:00
Seestudio, Seefoyer, Propter Homines
LED professional Symposium +Expo
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