Nam Dr., Kibum

Seoul Semiconductor, CTO

Nam Dr., Kibum

Seoul Semiconductor, CTO


Present: Seoul Semiconductor Co, Korea – Vice President, CTO of Central R&D Center
2011: Seoul Optodevice Co, Korea – Research Fellow, Director of IP & Analysis Division
2005 ~ 2010: Seoul Optodevice Co, Korea – Director of Characterization & Analysis Group
2005: Visiting Scholar, SSLDC, UCSB, US Working with Prof. James Speck & Shuji Nakamura
2004 Research Associate, Kansas State University, KS Research Associate in Prof. Jiang’s Group. Fabrication & Growth of Blue LEDs based on InGaN & AlGaN alloys.
2000 – 2004.07: Ph.D. in GaN Group, Kansas State University, KS Graduate Research Assistant in Prof. Jiang’s Group. Optical & Electrical characterization of III-nitride semiconductors.

Challenges and Future of LEDs

Although the growth of the LED market was hampered by global economic challenges in 2012, recent demand of LED has continued to be on the rise. However, there will be a number of market and technological challenges in LED industries.

Throughout our lives, there have been major paradigm shifts that change our industries such as the smart phone and the internet. White LEDs had already exceeded 210 lumen/watt in 2016 and will even surpass 230 lumen/watt by 2020. However, the current market in LED is dominated by traditional lateral, vertical chip technology with conventional package platforms, while demand of package free platforms is increasing fast. These package free platforms are used in different applications based on their unique characteristics.

On the other hand, intellectual properties for this industry should be also considered. Companies that develop LED-based modules and fixtures tend to choose from a limited set of “IP-friendly” sources for LED chips, phosphors and packaged devices. Otherwise, these companies risk exposing themselves to the consequences of using potentially infringing products.

Technology breakthroughs lead to further increase of efficacy and reduction in LED costs. This will in turn increase market acceptance and usher in of the era of high growth for the LED lighting market. Seoul Semiconductor is one of the world’s largest LED manufacturers with 2016 sales just under $1Billion. Seoul Semiconductor is a leading supplier to Light, Automotive and IT Markets.

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