Interview with Mr. Giovanni Vecchio, Nichia

As part of the countdown to LpS 2018 we have created a series of short interviews with a few of our expert speakers asking them what they think is happening in lighting now with regards to the disruption we all face, and where they see the industry heading in the future.

To start off the interview series we spoke to Giovanni Vecchio, Head of Sales and Marketing for General Lighting, Nichia Chemical Europe GmbH. Mr. Giovanni Vecchio has 20 years’ experience in the semiconductor industry and has been with Nichia for 7 years. He took the position of Head of Sales and Marketing for General Lighting, in March 2018.

The lighting industry seems to be struggling with its disruption, what do you think are the reasons for this?

Giovanni Vecchio: One of the many factors is the uncertainty in the global political landscape and the economy has potentially limited commercial spending towards lighting.  Much of the industry seems to be in a hold pattern.

Other reasons are certainly the shortage of electronic components we have been facing for over a year now and the rise in the price of material for fixtures, like aluminum. And there has been an overwhelming amount of technology thrown at the end users where traditionally technology was not part of the decision making.  Historically, sourcing lighting has been relatively simple.  Now it is much more complex, a true technology, especially when IOT and controls are added in.  To truly capitalize on the digitalization of lighting, more end market education must occur.  Or else the industry will be stuck in a mindset of just replacing light bulbs.

What is Nichia doing to support the lighting engineers with this uncertain future?

Giovanni Vecchio: Nichia has been and will always be an innovator in LED and we see a lot of potential for future developments. We will continue to focus on innovation and close collaboration with our customers. We will continue to be their partner in the development of new, efficient and innovative luminaires to create something special together.

How are you keeping your product portfolio agile?

Giovanni Vecchio: As the inventor of the white LED and with the expertise of over 50 years in phosphor innovation, Nichia has the power to offer a broad portfolio of LEDs for a wide variety of applications. We ensure a certain dynamism in the development of new innovative products with in-house developments and through cooperation with our customers.

If you could make one prediction about the lighting industry for 2025 what would it be?

Giovanni Vecchio: We think that innovative smart lighting with outstanding light quality will prevail in the lighting industryThe discussion of only lm/W, CCT and CRI will be a thing of the past.  Discussions will focus on unique spectrums for each application, lighting geared for each application.  The industry will remove the handcuffs of traditional technologies.

LpS and TiL want to give delegates an understanding of technology, users and the applications. What are you hoping to learn from these events?

Giovanni Vecchio: It is interesting to see concepts and visions from different sources working on the gradual conversion from traditional lighting to LED, which we are still in the middle of.