About LpS Digital

LpS Digital is the unique, and first, digital lighting conference and exhibition available to viewers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to environmental issues and travel restrictions, the acclaimed LpS Symposium +Expo and Trends in Lighting Forum &Show held in Bregenz, Austria, has been remodeled into the LpS Digital

LpS Digital will bring current, high-quality content about lighting technologies, design and applications to the entire global lighting community, and acquaint the lighting domain with the latest trends in product developments and applications.

LpS Digital offers a unique, innovative and highly targeted platform to address customers and prospects on a global scale, 24/7.


LpS Digital follows the motto: “Experience the Future of Light”

LpS Digital Brochure (PDF)


Lectures / Workshops

LpS Digital will contact authors who have submitted an abstract for a lecture. The authors of contributions accepted by the program management will be invited to give a presentation and, if appropriate, to write a qualified article. LpS Digital will make an appointment with each author to record their presentation. The recorded video will be published on LpS Digital directly after recording and completion.

LpS Digital is meant to approach and support the complete value chain in the global lighting industry.

When it comes to Technological Design, LpS Digital’s goal is to provide Corporate Managment, Technical Management, R&D and Production/QM within the global lighting manufacturing industry with top notch technical knowhow, primarily on a component level.

In terms of Lighting Design, LpS Digital will show best practice for Architects, Lighting Consultants, Electrical Consultants, Lighting Designers, Lighting OEMs, IT/IoT System Integrators and students.

The editors focus on Human Centric Lighting, Connected Lighting, Smart Controls, Internet of Things, Light as a Service and much more.

LpS Digital will promote each presentation to the lighting industry and lighting design communities immediately after publication through newsletters and social media. You can find a detailed list of the distribution in the LpS Digital Flyer/Brochure.

In early December, the LpS Digital Live event will present a publication summary, a panel discussion or keynotes, and recognize the annual LpS Digital Awards.

Sponsored contributions can also be published on LpS Digital for a fee. These will be marked as “sponsored”.

Specifications for Lecture Videos

  • Title of the lecture
  • Author’s CV and Portrait image
  • Length: Maximum 20 minutes
  • Number of slides: Maximum 30
  • A maximum of one introduction slide presenting the author’s organisation
  • A “lessons learned” slide at the end is required
  • Top quality content is a must
  • No advertising/marketing allowed

LpS Digital Brochure (PDF)

Virtual Exhibition

Virtual exhibitors have the possibility to present their products or their stand via video for a fee. All presented products will automatically be entered in the appropriate LpS or TiL Awards category. The maximum length of the presentation is 20 minutes (best acceptance with 2-5 minutes). The videos will be provided by the exhibitor or can be recorded through LpS Digital and published on the LpS Digital website immediately after receipt/finalization.

Each product video is sent to over 30,000 contacts via newsletter and social media channels.  A detailed list of the distribution can be found in the LpS Digital Flyer/Brochure. The products with the most interactions with the audience, (views, likes, etc.), will be honoured with the appropriate LpS or TiL Award in September. 

Video Distribution

In total, each publication on LpS Digital reaches an audience of over 30,000 contacts. Every contribution published on LpS Digital will be distributed to said number of contacts.

LpS Digital Brochure (PDF)


LpS Digital for Exhibitors and Sponsors

Are you a manufacturer of products or lighting solutions, test or production equipment? Or are you a service provider in the field of lighting from design to installation? We have established the perfect opportunity for you to present your products and/or services efficiently and purposefully to potential customers through TOP channels. 

Our offshoot of the LpS can save you money on stand costs, personnel costs as well as helping to protect the environment. And most importantly, your employees will not be confronted with health or travel risks. LpS Digital gives you the opportunity to present your services to the world of light to a total of 60,000 contacts. Using LpS Digital to present your products to this highly qualified audience is the most effective method to market your innovations quickly and efficiently.

On top of being able to present your products and services, LpS Digital will also share your contribution to an interested audience via TOP social media channels. The chance to directly interact with your audience. But not only that: Your product or service will automatically participate in the LpS and TiL Awards ceremony, which will be held in September.

Have we caught your interest? We would be happy to discuss with you your specific needs!

LpS Digital Brochure (PDF)



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