LpS & TiL Awards News

After the successful launch of the awards last year they are returning this year, bigger and more exciting than before. This year we have increased the awards categories for both co-hosted events so we can all celebrate the complete spectrum of light.

The three LpS Awards are given for cutting edge technologies with the strongest impact on lighting, applications and sustainability.
LpS Award: Best Lighting Technology
LpS Award: Best Application Technology
LpS Award: Best Sustainability Technology

The three TiL Awards are given to the most outstanding creative, collaborative and innovative lighting applications across all industries and the implementation of cutting edge technologies.
TiL Award: Best Lighting Application
TiL Award: Best Connected Lighting Solution
TiL Award: Best Non-Architectural LED Lighting

We believe that all great things deserve recognition and the awards will give you the chance to showcase and put a spot light on your achievements. The awards are also the perfect opportunity for you to gain exposure, the recognition of your peers, and to share your work with of some of Europe’s most influential leaders in light.

If you think you have an award winning technology, system or product, exhibit with your organization and enter the LpS/TiL Awards 2018.