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Since its establishment in 2001 the HEP has specialized in developing and manufacturing
energy-saving, high-performance electronic control gears for the lighting industry.
HEP deplores the highest technical know-how in its development and manufacturing
to ensure utmost quality.
All products are engineered in compliance with the highest safety norms and
performance standards. All gears are certified by global testing centers.

Booth: C6
Phone: +49 2355 509 19 0
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Address: Ramsloh 10, 58579 Schalksmühle, Germany


Heraeus Electronics – a Global Business Unit of the Heraeus Group – is one of the leading R&D partners and manufacturers of materials for the packaging of integrated circuits in the electronics industry. The company deals with sophisticated material solutions and material sub-systems for the automotive industry, consumer electronics and computing, industrial power electronics as well as communications and LED. Heraeus Electronics’ core competences include bonding wires, assembly materials, thick film pastes, DCB substrates as well as roll clad strips and stamped lead frames.

Booth: D18
Phone: +49 6181 35 5466
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Address: Heraeusstrasse 12-14, 63450 Hanau, Germany
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