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Instrument Systems

Instrument Systems

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Instrument Systems develops and produces high-performance optical test & measuring systems for applications in the automobile industry, avionics, and the light engineering sector. These systems are also deployed by LED manufacturers and research laboratories. Instrument Systems supplies a broad product range for all applications in light measurement including spectroradio-meters, imaging photometers and colorimeters, and accessories like optical probes and integrating spheres.

Booth: A13
Phone: +49 (0) 89 454 94 30
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Address: Kastenbauerstr. 2, 81677 Munich, Germany
IQ Structures

IQ Structures

IQ Structures is an advanced technology company focusing on development and mass production of special micro- and nano-structures that give materials and products unique properties and functions. Such precisely calculated nano-structures can turn a simple plastic into a fully functional optical component, anti-counterfeiting element or other high-value industrial product.
NANOPTIQS is a brand for revolutionary nano-structured optical components that use completely new approach to design and mass production. Such elements are smaller, thinner, and lighter in mass and dimensions and at the same time very precise in light control.The main opportunities they bring to the market: New design options of luminaires

Huge flexibility in functional applications
Possibility of miniaturization of the luminaires
A highly productive way of producing optics while saving material, time and energy
High efficiency

Booth: B10
Phone: +44 7496309454
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Address: Hlavni 130, Husinec – Rez, 250 68, Czech Republic


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The Catalonia Institute for Energy Research was created to contribute to the objective of creating a more sustainable future for energy usage and consumption, keeping in mind the economic competitivity and providing society with the maximum level of energy security.

This contribution will be done through scientific and technological development. The research requires a long-term vision which allows the identification of future challenges in energy. The Institute also works with practical research which allows businesses to implement innovative solutions immediately. The project is framed in the Catalan, Spanish and global economic systems, and for that reason the institutional and business patrons have singularly and significantly joined forces for one common objective: the creation of value by means of scientific knowledge and technological development in the energy sector, a sector with global consequences with brings the IREC to an international arena, and becoming a point of reference in several of these areas.

Booth: N7, N8
Phone: +34 933 56 26 15
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Address: Jardins de les Dones de Negre, 1, 2ª pl., 08930 Sant Adrià de Besòs, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spanien
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