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Bender + Wirth

Bender + Wirth

Bender + Wirth always seeks the challenge and provides the international lighting industry with new products and innovative concepts for lampholders and connecting systems.
Among these innovations are a magnetic lampholder for OLEDs, the Fast Fit lampholder and lamp cap system for the entertainment industry, the temperature standard of 350° C for lampholders, wire less electric connection for low voltapplications and many more. Today we are presenting a complete new line of products for LED applications: Board to board connector for low voltage; board to board connector for high voltage; COB holder for almost all existing modules.

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Volmestraße 161, 58566 Kierspe, Germany
IQ Structures

IQ Structures

IQ Structures is an advanced technology company focusing on development and mass production of special micro- and nano-structures that give materials and products unique properties and functions. Such precisely calculated nano-structures can turn a simple plastic into a fully functional optical component, anti-counterfeiting element or other high-value industrial product.
NANOPTIQS is a brand for revolutionary nano-structured optical components that use completely new approach to design and mass production. Such elements are smaller, thinner, and lighter in mass and dimensions and at the same time very precise in light control.The main opportunities they bring to the market: New design options of luminaires

Huge flexibility in functional applications
Possibility of miniaturization of the luminaires
A highly productive way of producing optics while saving material, time and energy
High efficiency

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Hlavni 130, Husinec – Rez, 250 68, Czech Republic
Stumpe Glas

Stumpe Glas

Stumpe Glas is a glass refining company specialized in developing and manufacturing high precision glass components for any thinkable industry worldwide. Besides the broad range of standard products, we focus on customized solutions for your individual application.

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Sudetenstrasse 45, 87600 Kaufbeuren, Germany


TRON ELEKTRONICKÉ SOUČÁSTKY, s.r.o. is an exclusively Czech company founded in 1997 in Brno, Czech Republic. It provides electronics manufacturing service (EMS) namely for manufacturers of LED luminaires. Our goal is to offer customers a high quality service including professional knowledge and trends in application of LEDs for lighting. We offer technical counselling and development of PCBs, manufacturing on our automatic assembly lines specialised for LED modules and measuring the quality of luminaires in our lighting laboratory (LDT data and more). Of course we offer also the particular components needed for luminaire manufacturing – high-quality LEDs in stock, standard LED modules, LED ribbons, aluminium profiles for linear lighting, LED drivers, control systems and intelligent lighting management for smart cities, large spaces like production facilities and warehouses, or for home interiors. TRON is the Czech and Slovak Republic leader company in the area of components and solutions supply for lighting manufacturers and lighting project managers.

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Karásek 1J, 621 00, Brno-Řečkovice, Czech Republic