Light Sources

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The LOT-QuantumDesign group is a leading European distributor of high-quality scientific instruments and components supplying to academic and industrial scientific research customers. The group offers components and systems used in materials science, imaging, spectroscopy, photonics, nanotechnology and life science research. Part of our components are light measurement systems from International Light Technologies Inc. (ILT). ILT offer a variety of modular light meters and have been the most respected name in research-oriented light measurement for 40 years. Optical radiation is perhaps the most difficult form of energy to measure accurately. Light energy is distributed over wavelength, position, direction, time and polarization. Optical radiometry is the science of light measurement, spanning across the UV, VIS and IR regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Photometry is the subset of radiometry dedicated to the measurement of visible light as it is perceived by the average human eye. A light meter or radiometric light measurement system must be designed to measure the distribution of energy over one parameter while holding all others constant. In addition to high levels of measurement uncertainty, the field of radiometry and photometry has been characterized by confusion of terminology, symbols, definitions and units. ILT´s goal is to provide customers with light measurement solutions to these problems by offering a comprehensive line of accurate modular light meters like radiometers and photometers. There are other low-cost instruments called radiometers on the market. These were designed to measure power from a light source with a constant and known spectrum. However, these instruments give erroneous results when measuring any other radiation. The extremely flexible light measuring system concept of ILT is based on a choice of suitable radiometer display devices and a wide range of different detectors. With specially matched filters and input optics, the detector head allows for custom-designed modular configuration.
All components are calibrated in ILT’s own ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory.


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TRON ELEKTRONICKÉ SOUČÁSTKY, s.r.o. is an exclusively Czech company founded in 1997 in Brno, Czech Republic. It provides electronics manufacturing service (EMS) namely for manufacturers of LED luminaires. Our goal is to offer customers a high quality service including professional knowledge and trends in application of LEDs for lighting. We offer technical counselling and development of PCBs, manufacturing on our automatic assembly lines specialised for LED modules and measuring the quality of luminaires in our lighting laboratory (LDT data and more). Of course we offer also the particular components needed for luminaire manufacturing – high-quality LEDs in stock, standard LED modules, LED ribbons, aluminium profiles for linear lighting, LED drivers, control systems and intelligent lighting management for smart cities, large spaces like production facilities and warehouses, or for home interiors. TRON is the Czech and Slovak Republic leader company in the area of components and solutions supply for lighting manufacturers and lighting project managers.

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