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CSEM is a private nonprofit Swiss organization for research and innovation. Supported by the Swiss Confederation, our mission is to enhance the competitiveness of industry by developing new technology platforms and transferring it to the industrial sector.
Our operation is based on five strategic programs:

Microsystems (Design & process Integration & packaging)
Systems (Scientific instrumentation, Medical device technology, Automation)
Photovoltaics & Energy Management (Crystalline Silicon & metallization , Modules & System integration, Thin film coating & devices, Printable photovoltaics, Energy Management)
Ultra-Low-Power Integrated Systems (System-on-chips, Wireless, Vision)
Surface Engineering (Nanotechnology, biotechnology, printable electronics)


In each of the above, we have gained a reputable standing on the national and international levels by offering our customers and industry partners custom-made, innovative solutions supported by our extensive market knowledge and technology expertise. CSEM plays a key role in the innovation value chain, by relying on public–private partnerships and narrowing the gap between fundamental research and industrialization. The support we get from the Swiss Confederation provides CSEM with greater flexibility in addressing a broad spectrum of technology research areas, which strengthens our commitment to innovation and sustainability and puts us in a better position to address future social and environmental challenges. By expanding CSEM’s knowledge and adapting it to industrial needs, new products are brought to market and new ventures are created. CSEM works with a wide range of stakeholders, from startups to SMEs and large organizations. Our services include contract R&D, strategy and innovation consultancy, development of specific business solutions for several Industrial Sectors (Space & Scientific Instrumentation, Watchmaking, Health & Lifestyle, Communication & Semiconductor, Energy & Environment, Automation & Control, Aeronautics, Transport & Security).

Booth: B20
Phone: +41 61 6906011
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Address: Rue Jaquet-Droz 1, 2002 Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Future Electronics

Future Electronics

Future Lighting Solutions is a leading provider of solid-state lighting technologies, engineering expertise and online simulation and design tools. Our mission is to facilitate application development and accelerate customers’ time to market. Our comprehensive portfolio includes a broad selection of LED system components, and integrated solutions that enable our customers to manufacture cost effective, energy efficient lighting applications.

We provide a comprehensive range of LED light sources including high-power LEDs, mid-power LEDs, low-power LEDs, CoB, LED arrays, LED modules and LED light engines. Our portfolio is completed with a range of optical solutions, LED drivers, passive and active thermal solutions, connectors and controls.

Our world-class team of lighting experts, along with our global lighting resource centers, supply chain solutions and network of specialized partners, ensure the highest quality solid-state lighting solutions for customers.

The company is a division of Future Electronics.

Booth: A9
Phone: +44 1784 275000
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Address: Future House, The Glanty, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9AH, UK
IQ Structures

IQ Structures

IQ Structures is an advanced technology company focusing on development and mass production of special micro- and nano-structures that give materials and products unique properties and functions. Such precisely calculated nano-structures can turn a simple plastic into a fully functional optical component, anti-counterfeiting element or other high-value industrial product.
NANOPTIQS is a brand for revolutionary nano-structured optical components that use completely new approach to design and mass production. Such elements are smaller, thinner, and lighter in mass and dimensions and at the same time very precise in light control.The main opportunities they bring to the market: New design options of luminaires

Huge flexibility in functional applications
Possibility of miniaturization of the luminaires
A highly productive way of producing optics while saving material, time and energy
High efficiency

Booth: B10
Phone: +44 7496309454
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Address: Hlavni 130, Husinec – Rez, 250 68, Czech Republic
kdg opticomp

kdg opticomp

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Hightech am Tiroler Lech – High End Optics Made in Tyrol

kdg. This is 30 years of experience in high precision optical injection moulding in the heart of the lighting Lechtal/Tyrol. Initially starting with CD to finally arriving with our youngest division, kdg opticomp, in the third dimension, manufacturing high precision optical components for all kind of LED applications techniques with a particular focus on the replication of micro and nanostructures on planar and curved surfaces. As kdg opticomp we don’t just offer tailor-made optics, we also serve our customers with well-established expertise in both thermoplastics and project management. And this is precisely how you should experience our offering: compact, resounding and brilliant together – simply kdg.

Our core business are definitely customised optics: from optic concept, to realisation of the prototype, to its serial production. But production-oriented optic design is only one thing. In order that you really have something to celebrate at the end of the optical design development process, the real essentials – i.e. design, tool-making, injection moulding and engineering must be perfectly coordinated from the outset by an experienced project manager. This is exactly where kdg opticomp comes in.
In short kdg opticomp doesn’t just convey a grounded expertise in high-end manufacturing. What really sets us apart is our start-up spirit and our perception of ourselves as creative innovators with the aim of continuously combining the tried-and-tested with the new.

Our Package:

– Free-form lenses and reflectors, optical fibres, diffraction gratings
– Customised optics for medical and sensor technology, general and technical lighting
– Production-oriented optical design
– In-house tool design
– Cost-optimised tool manufacture for injection and compression moulding with high-end hand polishing or ultra-precision   processing
– The shortest cycle times by parallelization of production steps
– Mould-flow analyses to determine realistic tolerances
– Prototyping and measurement

Booth: C1
Phone: +43 5634 500 700
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Address: Elbigenalp 91, 6652 Elbigenalp, Austria


Luximprint offers additive manufacturing as a service for technical and decorative optical plastics serving design and engineering purposes. Services include fast, flexible and cost-effective optics design and rapid prototyping of LED optics, diffusors, reflectors, textured surfaces and other complex geometries, as well as one-off productions and start-up series fabrication using innovative 3D printing technologies.

Booth: S5
Phone: +31 113 308 460
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Address: Korte Eeweg 1P, 4424 NA Wemeldinge, The Netherlands


Physionary creates optimized LED optics. Our in-house developed software fine-tunes your product, maximizing its performance. For fun, we research and develop new optical solutions, such as faceted lenses and micro-lens arrays. Visit our booth for more enlightenment.

Booth: S6
Phone: +31 636 454 938
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Address: Andries Copierstraat 82, 1061SE Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Today, Steinbeis is an international network spanning roughly 1,100 transfer enterprises. This network encompasses 6,000 experts, each contributing to our network with their specialist knowledge and working on individual challenges in interdisciplinary teams to genuinely add value and thus facilitate the success of Steinbeis – that’s what made us one of the world’s most successful providers of know-how and technology transfer. Central to all projects we work on: the success of our clients, co-workers and partners.

Booth: C3
Phone: +49 (0) 7720 307 4553
Address: Schwarzwaldstrasse 10, 78120 Furtwangen, Germany
Stumpe Glas

Stumpe Glas

Stumpe Glas is a glass refining company specialized in developing and manufacturing high precision glass components for any thinkable industry worldwide. Besides the broad range of standard products, we focus on customized solutions for your individual application.

Booth: A6
Phone: +49 834 196 122 910
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Address: Sudetenstrasse 45, 87600 Kaufbeuren, Germany


Vossloh-Schwabe is part of the Panasonic Lighting Europe. As a producer and supplier of an extensive standard product range in the field of LED technology (LED, SMD, COB) as well as LED-electronic and LED-optic Vossloh-Schwabe is understood primarily as a service provider in the field of LED lighting technology. In addition, we offer support in search for individual solutions for LED application, optimized for each of your requests. To complete the offer, the entire product range and expertise of the group is used to thereby meet the following performance expectation: „everything from one source“. The cooperation with renowned partners, the technological head start in the sector of the COB-production and the strong customer focus guarantee innovative products.

Booth: B14
Phone: +49 (0) 2351 1010
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Address: Hohe Steinert 8, 58509 Lüdenscheid, Germany
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