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IQ Structures

IQ Structures

IQ Structures is an advanced technology company focusing on development and mass production of special micro- and nano-structures that give materials and products unique properties and functions. Such precisely calculated nano-structures can turn a simple plastic into a fully functional optical component, anti-counterfeiting element or other high-value industrial product.
NANOPTIQS is a brand for revolutionary nano-structured optical components that use completely new approach to design and mass production. Such elements are smaller, thinner, and lighter in mass and dimensions and at the same time very precise in light control.The main opportunities they bring to the market: New design options of luminaires

Huge flexibility in functional applications
Possibility of miniaturization of the luminaires
A highly productive way of producing optics while saving material, time and energy
High efficiency

+44 7496309454
Hlavni 130, Husinec – Rez, 250 68, Czech Republic
Luger Research

Luger Research

Luger Research fosters a global understanding of future lighting solutions. They do this by raising awareness, communicating and supporting the lighting industry and research, and by facilitating partnerships. This enables lighting technologies and trends to contribute to sustainability and well-being, for a better future. Luger Research, with its headquarters in Austria, is a media, events and research organization that supports the global lighting industry by sharing information about trends and technologies for future lighting solutions. Founded in 2001 with a focus on research and consulting, Luger Research has grown and developed in the last 16 years. The LED professional publications were launched in 2006, in 2011 the LED professional Symposium +Expo was introduced and now, in 2017, the Trends in Lighting Forum & Show has joined the company’s portfolio. Today Luger Research cooperates with multiple lighting organizations, scientific, event and media partners around the globe.

D23, D25
+43 5572 394 489
Moosmahdstrasse 30, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria