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SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT for the LpS 2020 (SEPT 22-24)

The LED professional Symposium +Expo is the leading European lighting conference focusing on technologies, innovation and applications. Experts from academia and industry are invited to present their latest research, developments, innovations and expectations for future technologies to a highly-qualified audience. With the form below you may apply for a lecture/talk as well as for a workshop.


  • FEB 15, 2020
    Submission of Abstract, CV and Picture
    Abstract (300-500 words), CV (50-100 words), Portrait picture
  • MAR 31, 2020
    Notification of Acceptance
  • JUN 1, 2020
    Submission of Full Paper

    Full paper, word file  (2500-3500 words)

  • SEPT 15, 2020
    Submission of Final Presentation
  • SEPT 22-24, 2020
    LpS Event

Your benefits

  • Exchange experiences with international lighting experts and expand your knowledge on current and future trends and developments
  • Publish your paper in the LpS proceedings
  • Receive a free 3-day Speaker’s Symposium Pass which includes catering, proceedings booklet and presentations
  • Establish new contacts and take advantage of numerous networking opportunities
  • Research institutes may apply for the LED professional Scientific Award
  • Meet over 130 leading organizations, exhibiting their products, equipments and services
  • Visit the renowned conference center, stage on the lake and James Bond film location at the Opera House Bregenz
  • Enjoy the unique Austrian countryside at the center of Europe, on the borders of Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein and just a couple of hours away from Italy and France
  • Be part of the leading European lighting conference! 


At the LpS event, the most advanced scientific paper will be given an award by an international jury made up of leading scientists. Universities and research institutes are welcome to contribute by submitting their paper. Evaluation criteria are: * Relevance for the lighting industry, * Degree of novelty, * Unpublished paper, * Scientific work. The winner will be announced at the LED professional Symposium +Expo in Bregenz.

1st Prize includes:
* LED professional Scientific Award trophy, * EUR 1,500.-, * Paper will be presented at the LpS event, * Paper will be published in the LED professional Review (LpR), * Paper will be published online (
2nd to 6th prize includes:
*Paper will be announced at the LED professional Symposium +Expo in Bregenz,  * Paper will be published in the LED professional Review (LpR), * Paper will be published online (


AUTHOR: Submitting author should have a scientific/technical qualification. Submitting author cannot be a member of the LED professional Advisory Panel and/or part of the evaluation committee for the Scientific Award.
ORGANIZATION: Only universities, research institutes and organizations conducting scientific research/substantially oriented towards scientific research will be eligible for the award. Companies or other organizations involved in manufacturing, production or sales, having the profit motive and/or conducting scientific research for commercial purposes, will not be eligible for the award.
SUBMISSION: The submitted paper must be based on a scientific/technical topic and present hitherto unpublished, original work of the submitting author and acknowledge all others involved in the research. The abstract and full paper must be submitted within the deadlines established by the conference organizers (extensions are only possible with agreement from the LED professional Symposium organisers). Evaluators will not rank submissions from their own organisations/colleagues/co-workers and/or students.
AWARD: The award will be presented to the submitting author. The financial contribution of the award will be paid to the organization/department nominated by the submitting author.

Advisory Board: Prof. Dr. Paola Belloni, Dr. Paul Hartmann, Dr. Matteo Meneghini, Dr. Walter Werner, Prof. Mehmet Arik, Dr. Günther Sejkora, Prof. Dr. Zary Segall, Dr. Heinz Seyringer, Prof. Kouchi Zhang, Siegfried Luger, Arno Grabher-Meyer

Questions: | Phone: +43 5572 394489

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