LpS Digital – Connect

Almost like a real-live trade show.

LpS Connect is a unique opportunity to connect with the world’s leading suppliers in the lighting domain. Do you have questions about the latest products, equipment, services, applications, projects, supplies, and prices? State-of-the-art suppliers provide you with the answers right in the LpS Connect meetings.

An LpS Connect meeting will be opened by the organizer, who will welcome you and share some key trends and questions in the field and then unlock the floor to connect. You can discuss subjects in a close-knit group, e.g., together with collaborators, or have one-to-one conversations in a private space.

And most importantly, you decide who you want to talk to

LpS Connect is available globally and offers you appropriate time for appointments in America, Europe, and Asia. All conversations take place in a protected setting and are in video format. The number of participants is limited and will be noted in the respective invitations. 

LpS Digital will host the Connect Meetings and invite one leading industry supplier for every meeting to share its knowledge and insights. The topics and hosts’ schedule will be announced on the social media channels, on, the newsletters, and of course, on this site.
Meet people and explore your projects.

The registration is free of charge and will open soon. Check it out here!