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ACC Silicones
ACC Silicones

ACC Silicones has been manufacturing silicone compounds for over 40 years
During that time, we have acquired a great deal of experience and expertise and have gained an enviable reputation for producing high quality materials which have been proven to perform to a very high standard in the most demanding applications.
We have formulated specialised silicone materials for use in all areas of LED and lighting, from chip bonding to large module assemblies, which are known for their temperature and UV resistance. Products include optically clear gels and encapsulants to ensure high levels of light transmission as well as environmental protection, low outgassing adhesives and sealants and conformal coatings for PCB protection.
Our SILCOTHERM® range comprises of a wide variety of silicone products which have been specially formulated, with added thermally conductive particles, to produce materials which effectively transfer heat as well as performing their primary function.
Our brand new R&D facility in the UK, coupled with our flexible production systems, allow us to offer formulations specially developed to meet specific customer requirements. Qualified, experienced sales and technical staff are readily available to make site visits throughout Europe and advise on product selection and production methods.
ACC Silicones is now part of the ICM Silicones Group enabling us to draw on additional expertise from around the world and benefit from additional manufacturing facilities in Europe, China and the US.

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