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LEDMOTIVE TECHNOLOGIES was born within the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC) and founded as a Spin-off Company in December 2012. It´s a high-tech company with international projection in the growing market of intelligent LED lighting.

LEDMOTIVE has invested a lot of resources over the last years working on a solution that meets the lighting needs of human beings while at the same time maintaining high energy-efficiency standards. The core of technology is based on a family of products that include: an LED Module and a system able to record, process and playback any light spectral fingerprint in real-time, regardless of whether it is natural (i.e. sunlight), artificial (i.e. an incandescent light bulb), or custom made for special applications.

LEDMOTIVE patented technology is able to create, record, process, playback and share any light without boundaries. We commercialize an unprecedented technology allowing the user to take full spectral control of light. Our solution integrates a micro-spectrometer to monitor the output spectrum and correct it in real time. The more channels are used in a solution, the higher the likelihood that spectral shifts will occur, so it is critical for LEDMOTIVE’s products to have a spectral control and corrective feedback.

Our LED Modules (with all the intelligence and spectral control) are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) and can perfectly reproduce the physical properties of visible light, in a similar way an MP3 player can reproduce very accurately the properties of sound. Along with the LED modules, we also manufacture specific light accessories and we provide with the easy-to-use software capable to control the lights.

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Jardins de les Dones de Negre 1, PL2
08930 Sant Adrià del Besos, Barcelona, Spain