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Bartenbach GmbH consists of four divisions, i.e. lighting design, research & development, lighting solutions and the Bartenbach academy. The effect light has on people is the central theme of Bartenbach’s work. In the planning of daylighting and artificial light as well as in the development of innovative lighting solutions a team of physicists, psychologists, applications and electronic specialists, mathematicians, architects and designers looks at light in all of its facets. The starting point of every conception is always the desired appearance of a space. Considering aspects of visual perception leads to a lighting concept. Man with his visual, emotional and health needs is placed at the focus of all these considerations.

As part of the network of the international knowledge community Bartenbach research & development is always at the cutting edge of research related to lighting. Continuous fundamental and applications oriented research flows directly into applications and product innovation. As partner for research and development the Bartenbach company put this experience into the service for clients. These clients across the world work in the lighting industry, are research partners and customers who want to generate additional benefits in their respective business areas.

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Rinner Straße 14, 6071 Aldrans/Tyrol, Austria
Bender + Wirth
Bender + Wirth

Bender + Wirth always seeks the challenge and provides the international lighting industry with new products and innovative concepts for lampholders and connecting systems.
Among these innovations are a magnetic lampholder for OLEDs, the Fast Fit lampholder and lamp cap system for the entertainment industry, the temperature standard of 350° C for lampholders, wire less electric connection for low voltapplications and many more. Today we are presenting a complete new line of products for LED applications: Board to board connector for low voltage; board to board connector for high voltage; COB holder for almost all existing modules.

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Volmestraße 161, 58566 Kierspe, Germany
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BJB has been associated with lighting technology for 140 years, initially by manufacturing components for oil lamps and then, since the beginning of the 20th century, by providing the electrical connection between the power source and the lamp. Equipped with this knowledge, we have continuously developed new, user-friendly lampholder systems, terminal blocks and switches up to the present day for markets throughout the world. In other words: We provide a “Connection to light”. The way in which these “connections” are installed and the progress which can be achieved in light fitting assembly is the objective of a further area of operation: ADS automation. Here we develop, build and supply customer-specific systems for the automation of light fitting production. A third important element is our lighting solutions for domestic appliances.

Our light fittings are used in ovens, microwaves, refrigerators and freezers, washing machines, driers, dishwashers and extractor hoods by almost all the major producers in the world. In all product fields, we constantly strive for proximity to the customer through continuous innovation and worldwide presence. Co-operating with our important development partners from the lamp industry in achieving progress in lighting and luminaire technology.


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Werler Str. 1, 59755 Arnsberg, Germany
Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT)

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) is on the one hand public authority, responsible for the transport and telecommunication sector and on the other hand policymaker and funder for applied Research, Technology and Innovation. The BMVIT is organised in four Directorates, one is responsible for shaping and promoting innovation initiatives. For these tasks a yearly budget of about 470 MEUR is provided.
The national RTI policy is to foster Austria as Innovation Leader and for this goal BMVIT is deeply involved in developping and coordinating RTI programs and strategies. In particular BMVIT is running national RTI programmes concerning
– Key Enabling Technologies for Industrial Innovation, such as Information and Communication Technologies, Manufacturing, Nanotechnology and Photonics
– Energy and Environmental Technologies,
– Mobility and Transport Technologies,
– Space matters.

To enable an efficient networking of stakeholders BMVIT is also supporting national technology platforms. On European level BMVIT is representing Austria in the appropriate Horizon 2020 program commit-tees and also in the governing boards of ECSEL, ESA, AAL etc.


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Radetzkystraße 2, 1030 Vienna, Austria