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Cambridge Nanotherm
Cambridge Nanotherm

Cambridge Nanotherm manufactures the most efficient thermal management substrate technology for high-powered electronics. A patented electro-chemical oxidation (ECO) process creates a super-thin nanoceramic layer on the surface of aluminium to form a dielectric with exceptionally high thermal conductivity. This combination of the industry’s thinnest dielectric with the highest thermal conductivity yields the lowest thermal resistance and provides the platform for Cambridge Nanotherm’s core products.
Nanotherm LC has the highest thermal performance of any MCPCB, making it the perfect choice for thermally demanding electronics applications such as high-power LED and power electronics modules.
Nanotherm DM is a unique thin-film substrate that is a cost-effective replacement for ceramics such as aluminium nitride and is used for LED and semiconductor packaging.

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Compolux – Staff Editoriale
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Since 1982 our aim is to become the connection between the manufacturers and the market, which the products are addressed to. Our magazines have been born and grown like containers of information to spread culture, and with the ambitious aim to become a reference point, where to find all those answers, curiosities, knowledge and innovation, which are reference material in that specific market field. And this is exactly what this is about: the deep knowledge of the areas in which our magazines are considered reliable sources to generate valuable business to business.
Owning a good knowledge of the market, of the companies, of the products, of the projects, of the technical aspects, of the dedicated trade fairs, means for us to effectively belong to this sector, with the skills that can only be gained by experience. We consider ourselves specialists among specialists; a worldwide vehicle of activities revolving around lighting and furniture industries, composite areas in constant evolution. We are at companies’ and professionals’ side, to support their business with our professional expertise.

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Consorzio Elint
Consorzio Elint
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The Elint Consortium (Elettrimpex Lumen International) develops activities aimed at the internationalization of Italian enterprises. It aims to develop initiatives for all companies operating in lighting technologies though participation in events, publications and training courses.

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Crytur brings to SSL and LED market single crystal solutions which are successfully applied in niche applications like laser components, scientific instruments and other high demanding applications. Crytur single crystal phosphors can provide an effective way for light conversion in high power applications using multi-chip LEDs or LD searching for new phosphor solutions. Single crystals are fully transparent for excitation radiation as well as for converted light and can be manufactured in the shape of optical element with defined surface parameters. In a wide range of single crystal compositions material exhibit very good thermal stability and practically unlimited lifetime.

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CSEM is a private nonprofit Swiss organization for research and innovation. Supported by the Swiss Confederation, our mission is to enhance the competitiveness of industry by developing new technology platforms and transferring it to the industrial sector.
Our operation is based on five strategic programs:

Microsystems (Design & process Integration & packaging)
Systems (Scientific instrumentation, Medical device technology, Automation)
Photovoltaics & Energy Management (Crystalline Silicon & metallization , Modules & System integration, Thin film coating & devices, Printable photovoltaics, Energy Management)
Ultra-Low-Power Integrated Systems (System-on-chips, Wireless, Vision)
Surface Engineering (Nanotechnology, biotechnology, printable electronics)


In each of the above, we have gained a reputable standing on the national and international levels by offering our customers and industry partners custom-made, innovative solutions supported by our extensive market knowledge and technology expertise. CSEM plays a key role in the innovation value chain, by relying on public–private partnerships and narrowing the gap between fundamental research and industrialization. The support we get from the Swiss Confederation provides CSEM with greater flexibility in addressing a broad spectrum of technology research areas, which strengthens our commitment to innovation and sustainability and puts us in a better position to address future social and environmental challenges. By expanding CSEM’s knowledge and adapting it to industrial needs, new products are brought to market and new ventures are created. CSEM works with a wide range of stakeholders, from startups to SMEs and large organizations. Our services include contract R&D, strategy and innovation consultancy, development of specific business solutions for several Industrial Sectors (Space & Scientific Instrumentation, Watchmaking, Health & Lifestyle, Communication & Semiconductor, Energy & Environment, Automation & Control, Aeronautics, Transport & Security).

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