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CSEM is a private nonprofit Swiss organization for research and innovation. Supported by the Swiss Confederation, our mission is to enhance the competitiveness of industry by developing new technology platforms and transferring it to the industrial sector.
Our operation is based on five strategic programs:

Microsystems (Design & process Integration & packaging)
Systems (Scientific instrumentation, Medical device technology, Automation)
Photovoltaics & Energy Management (Crystalline Silicon & metallization , Modules & System integration, Thin film coating & devices, Printable photovoltaics, Energy Management)
Ultra-Low-Power Integrated Systems (System-on-chips, Wireless, Vision)
Surface Engineering (Nanotechnology, biotechnology, printable electronics)


In each of the above, we have gained a reputable standing on the national and international levels by offering our customers and industry partners custom-made, innovative solutions supported by our extensive market knowledge and technology expertise. CSEM plays a key role in the innovation value chain, by relying on public–private partnerships and narrowing the gap between fundamental research and industrialization. The support we get from the Swiss Confederation provides CSEM with greater flexibility in addressing a broad spectrum of technology research areas, which strengthens our commitment to innovation and sustainability and puts us in a better position to address future social and environmental challenges. By expanding CSEM’s knowledge and adapting it to industrial needs, new products are brought to market and new ventures are created. CSEM works with a wide range of stakeholders, from startups to SMEs and large organizations. Our services include contract R&D, strategy and innovation consultancy, development of specific business solutions for several Industrial Sectors (Space & Scientific Instrumentation, Watchmaking, Health & Lifestyle, Communication & Semiconductor, Energy & Environment, Automation & Control, Aeronautics, Transport & Security).

+41 61 690 60 11
Rue Jaquet-Droz 1, 2002 Neuchâtel, Switzerland

ELT – Especialidades Luminotécnicas S.A.U. is a specialist Spanish manufacturer of lighting components and systems for indoor-outdoor and Remote Wireless Street Lighting CMS. Over the last 40 years, ELT has positioned itself as one of the leaders in the national lighting sector market, and currently exports its brand and technology to over 100 different countries spread over 5 different continents. A firm believer in innovation and the development of quality products and technologies, ELT invests its resources into producing efficient solutions and a highly competitive level of service which results in a customer value proposition capable of satisfying bespoke projects in increasingly more demanding markets, providing efficient solutions for the maximum comfort in lighting environments.

+ 34 976 573 660
Poligono Industrial Malpica, Calle E N° 11, 50016 Zaragoza, Spain

We are an engineering company located in Gossau (SG) Switzerland. HSi-Elektronik is developing and producing customized, innovative products for the lighting industry. With our 6 electronic- APP and software-engineers we have our main focus on “digital light” and the IoT. Our experience is in the field of intelligent light-management, LED drivers and switching power supplies. We are developing the products with our customer from the early prototype stage to the final product. We are connecting the hardware with the internet and mobile platforms. With our own SMD production line, we can produce the electronic products in time and high quality. This is possible for prototypes as well as for series up to thousands.
Based on our cooperation with Electrosuisse we have the necessary equipment and expertise to perform EMC test according to all common standards.

+41 71 845 65 65
Wilerstrasse 73, 9200 Gossau, Switzerland
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LEDMOTIVE TECHNOLOGIES was born within the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC) and founded as a Spin-off Company in December 2012. It´s a high-tech company with international projection in the growing market of intelligent LED lighting.

LEDMOTIVE has invested a lot of resources over the last years working on a solution that meets the lighting needs of human beings while at the same time maintaining high energy-efficiency standards. The core of technology is based on a family of products that include: an LED Module and a system able to record, process and playback any light spectral fingerprint in real-time, regardless of whether it is natural (i.e. sunlight), artificial (i.e. an incandescent light bulb), or custom made for special applications.

LEDMOTIVE patented technology is able to create, record, process, playback and share any light without boundaries. We commercialize an unprecedented technology allowing the user to take full spectral control of light. Our solution integrates a micro-spectrometer to monitor the output spectrum and correct it in real time. The more channels are used in a solution, the higher the likelihood that spectral shifts will occur, so it is critical for LEDMOTIVE’s products to have a spectral control and corrective feedback.

Our LED Modules (with all the intelligence and spectral control) are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) and can perfectly reproduce the physical properties of visible light, in a similar way an MP3 player can reproduce very accurately the properties of sound. Along with the LED modules, we also manufacture specific light accessories and we provide with the easy-to-use software capable to control the lights.

+34 933 562 615
Jardins de les Dones de Negre 1, PL2
08930 Sant Adrià del Besos, Barcelona, Spain
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Wireless light control
Tondo is a pioneering and fast-growing connected lighting solution provider. With our innovative IoT technology, we help the lighting industry to benefit from a new, previously inaccessible set of advantages, and enrich them with information and insights to further promote their businesses. Without any development costs and with a simple end-to-end plug-and-play solution, Tondo’s technology turns any fixture into a data source – wirelessly. As a connected device, the lighting fixture can source out invaluable layers of information, for marketing, usability, geographical spread, performance curve and other insights. Plus, it offers unprecedented user experience, allowing building managers and end-users to configure lighting according to numerous parameters and automatic scenarios.

Our Solution overview
Tondo’s solution is comprised of a wireless control (TWC) module that’s connected to Tondo’s Cloud-based Management Platform (TMP). The TWC wireless module gives the lighting fixture new control capabilities and makes DALI cheaper, simpler and automated to deploy. Its unique compact Master DALI capabilities allow it to be placed inside the lighting fixture and even replace the physical switch. TMP is a reliable and secure management system with highly advanced analytics, supporting an unlimited number of light fixtures simultaneously. The TMP system can easily analyze situations and send alerts according to predetermined user needs, helping save money and complying with utility management policies.

+972 544 894 176
Yohanan 8 Street, Ramat-Gan, Israel
Underwriter Laboratories (UL)

UL fosters safe living and working conditions for people everywhere through the application of science to solve safety, security and sustainability challenges. The UL Mark engenders trust enabling the safe adoption of innovative new products and technologies. Everyone at UL shares a passion to make the world a safer place. We test, inspect, audit, certify, validate, verify, advise and train and we support these efforts with software solutions for safety and sustainability. To learn more about us, visit

+39 344 269 26 52
333 Pfingsten Road, 60062-2096, Northbrook, IL, USA