Day 1
25 Sep 2018

KEYNOTE: The Transformation of Lighting

Lighting has come a long way since the invention of electric light. With the arrival of the Internet of Things, the idea of remote-controlled lighting based on the human centric...
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van Tartwijk, Dr., Guido

KEYNOTE: The Lighting Industry’s Journey Towards New Growth

The Lighting industry has got fantastic opportunities to create new value with light. Trends in Lighting want to inspire designers, manufacturers, technologists and end users to capture these opportunities and...
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van der Heide, Rogier

The Roadmap of the Global Lighting Association

The Global Lighting Association has created its Strategic Roadmap for the global lighting industry last November 2017. The industry has witnessed two highly disruptive technology developments: Light emitting diodes (LEDs)...
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Denneman, Jan W.

Human-Centric Lighting – Quo Vadis

Lighting technology goes through a time of groundbreaking changes these days. The extensive application of the highly energy-efficient digital light source LED facilitates the generation of dynamic light spectra and...
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Weninger DI, Johannes

Repro-light: Modularity, Sustainability & Personalization for Lighting Industry

The goal of the project Repro-light (“Re-usable and Re-configurable parts for sustainable LED-based lighting systems”) is to initiate a transformation in the European lighting industry towards a circular economy. Through...
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Tanzer Dr., Katrin

Smart Building Design – Launch & Introduction of the New DIAL Design Book

Conception, Planning, Realization, and Operation Systematic design concept for smart building technology Illustrates the breadth of digital applications and the required cooperation between trades Overview of the most popular system...
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Immecke, Michael J.

Workshop: The Closest LED Light to the Sun

After several lighting revolutions that happened in the last 200 years (oil, gas, incandescent, fluorescent, LED) we are now much closer than ever to reproduce the Sunlight spectrum with artificial...
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Juarez, Marc

EU Circular Economy Policies are Impacting Lighting Product Design and Business Models

The presentation will give an overview of what regulators and consumers expect of products over the next 5-10 years and explore what this means for lighting product design and business...
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Georgoutsakou, Ourania

Zhaga Connectivity Interfaces for Smart Cities and Smart Buildings

Zhaga is an open, global, industry consortium that aims to simplify the design and manufacturing of LED luminaires to accelerate the adoption of smart LED lighting solutions. It achieves its...
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Denteneer Dr., Dee

Lighting and Ed Clinician Wellness and Performance Improvement

BACKGROUND. Short wavelength (‘blue’) light is known to mediate ‘non-visual’ effects of light in humans. These effects, that go beyond the pure ‘visual’ function, can affect human wellness and performance,...
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Pérez Dr., Octavio L.

How Automotive Designs & Approaches Can Inspire Us

What makes an automotive light designer? Is it the ability to think in candela, lux, lumen? Or is it the ability to create unique lighting designs, interactive lighting experiences and...
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Hiebaum Dr., Thomas

The Therapeutic Role of Processor-Controlled LED Lighting to Combat the Global Epidemic of Myopia

The role of sunlight in influencing eye-ball growth has been well established. Recent research has established the link between myopia (short-sightedness) and reduced exposure to adequate levels of sunlight. Other...
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Mason Dr., Stephen Archer

Lighting Goes Smart – Should We Care About Cybersecurity?

At the advent of the European Cybersecurity Act, this question gains momentum. As a presentation has been held by UL already at LpS 2015, this presentation will focus on news...
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Koehler Dipl.Math., Alexander W.

Ecodesign Directive and Energy Labelling Regulation – Short Term Consequences for Lighting Products

There is world-wide demand for more efficient products to reduce energy and resource consumption. The Ecodesign Directive provides harmonised EU-wide rules on the energy performance of products, and is complemented...
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Becker, Heiko
Scaroni, Elena

Why Is There A Light Switch on My Phone? The Importance of Interaction Design for Office Lighting

Following the rapid penetration of SSL lighting and IoT, the Internet of Lights is covering ground in office buildings. This transformation offers significant benefits for lighting controls, building management, and...
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Van Essen Prof., Harm
Van de Werff MSc., Thomas

EXPO Welcome

Prinz MR DI, Walter

Panel Discussion: Smart Luminaires for IoT Connectivity | DiiA and Zhaga Unveil Framework for Standardization

Moderator: Jens Herter (Coordinator Standardization, Zumtobel Group) Panelist: Dr. Dee Denteneer (Secretary General, Zhaga Consortium) Panelist: Dr. Scott Wade (Technical & Certification Manager, DiiA) The trends in lighting towards digitalisation,...
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Herter, Jens
Denteneer Dr., Dee
Wade Dr., Scott

The Role of Governments in the Transformation of the SSL Industry

The introduction of solid-state lighting (SSL) has disrupted the global structure of the lighting industry.  The potential for substantial energy savings and reductions in the environmental impact of lighting have...
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Bardsley Dr., J. Norman

Implications for Human-centric Lighting Design in Tropical Nursing homes: A Pilot Study

Light is so critical as air, water, and food to our daily life. Conventionally, the light on vision plays a major role in lighting industry. In the last two decades,...
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CHIEN Dr., Szu-Cheng

Metameric Circadian Lighting: A Technology Analysis

The absence of natural light causes serious health problems in humans. Although known since ancient times it was only after the recent discovery of the so-called intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion...
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Aderneuer MSc., Tamara

Workshop: Lighting Design with DIALux evo 8.0

DIALux evo 8.0 is a new version of DIAL’s lighting design software. This time the new features focus entirely on the design process. The lighting designer is often faced with...
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Immecke, Michael J.

SHOWFLOOR TOUR: SciPiL, Connect – Share – Develop

Scientific Partnership in Lighting (SciPiL) SciPiL is a Network initiated by Luger Research. It connects research organizations and the lighting industry, enabling knowledge sharing that triggers the development of vital...
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Sejkora Dr., Günther

Full Spectrum LEDs and Indoor Daylight Support for Health and Wellbeing

Daylight is the preferred light source of choice for human centric lighting applications in the built environment, as the human visual system and physiology has evolved under this environmental condition. Conventional...
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Pérez Dr., Octavio L.

How Digital Lighting Will Further Revolutionize Automotive Lighting

With the integration of LED technology, lighting has evolved from a basic, functional feature to a distinctive feature with high-value potential in automotive. Indeed, LED technology has given manufacturers the...
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Boulay, Pierrick

Future-Proofing Lighting Control Systems

When a building owner or building manager decides to invest in implementing a lighting control system, there are many challenges to overcome, which relate to balancing cost, simplicity and scalability....
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Durand MBA, Patrick

Internet of Things (IoT) 101

There are a lot of things that we take for granted like internet and electricity. We use them daily, but very few us really know how they work. If we...
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Gunes, Emre

Managing Connected Lighting Solutions in Real Life

Commercial buildings are rapidly evolving to become more efficient, more comfortable, more flexible, and in general more adaptive in relation to their use and to the occupant needs. Internet of...
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Frezza Dr., Giovanni

How to Solve Increasing Challenges in LED Luminaire Production

Recent research suggests that the LED penetration rate in general lighting is between 60 % – 100 %, depending on region and application. This leaves luminaire manufacturers with the challenge that...
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Spiekermann, Markus

Putting the Smart in Smart Buildings with Bluetooth Mesh

There’s a compelling business case for the smart building. Building regulations and in particular, energy efficiency regulations are driving the adoption of advanced technologies such as Bluetooth mesh networking in...
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Katsandres, Jim

The Business Case for Sensing – How to be Ready

There is little argument that lighting is well positioned to serve as the sensing backbone for the IoT in our built spaces. From there, the crystal ball gets a bit...
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Griffiths, Tom

Can the Success of OLED Displays be Transferred to Lighting?

Despite great success in the market for high-end cell phone displays, OLED technology has yet to achieve significant entry into the general lighting market.  This is mainly due to the...
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Bardsley Dr., J. Norman

Human Centric Lighting Review and Outlook

HCL human centric lighting is one of the main topics in the lighting community nowadays. As an experienced international lighting designer with more than 25 years it has been always...
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Wilkins, Carla

Panel Discussion – Human Centric Lighting

Jan Denneman – Panel Moderator Enough quality light during day time helps people concentrate and learn better, be more creative and alert. It also helps them sleep better at night....
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Steinbusch, Annette
Armbrüster Dipl.D., Till
Lang, Dieter
Denneman, Jan W.

WORKSHOP: Quality of Light : Is it All About Flickering?

We live in revolutionary times. Revolutionary, that is, in terms of lighting design and the tunability of light. One of the main drivers of this revolution is the astonishing rate...
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Oktay, Mustafa

Professional Lighting between Vision and Reality

Everybody is talking about Smart Lighting, the whole Lighting Industry stands in the middle of radical changes. The market cries for the extra value – but what is the extra...
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Lade DI, Christian

Total Lighting Efficiency: Think Outside of the Chip

When you think about efficient lighting the first thing that comes to mind (and often the only thing) is the efficacy of the LED. However, as LED efficacy improvements are...
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Veenstra, Tom

Sun – Culture – Perception – An Interactive Experience

Our teamwork is based on the interaction between people living in different continents, with their intrinsic differences of creed, culture or physical features and education. The objective of the lecture/workshop...
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Stern, Gabi & Malin, Dorit

Horticultural LED Lighting Market, Industry and Technology Trends

The horticultural lighting market’s current boom is driven mostly by greenhouse applications, for which artificial lighting is used to compensate for natural light variations and increase production yield. For these...
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Mukish, Pars

The Technology and Implementation of Dynamic Beam Shaping

With the advancement of solid-state lighting, beam shaping became more difficult and architectural lighting designers essentially lost the ability to easily set scenes when using LED luminaires. Though it’s still...
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Kriebel, David

Designing Light for Architecture – New Levels New Devils

In his talk Daniel will take the audience up on an journey through the daily challenges in his work in the middle of the technological LED, RA 90, 3000k, 500ma,...
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Meyer, Daniel
Day 2
26 Sep 2018

The Business Case for Connected Lighting and IoT Services Built on Top

Connected Lighting as the base of IoT systems is in everybody’s mouth. Industry players so far are experimenting with and testing business cases for IoT applications that are built on...
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Moder, Thomas

Modeling and Quantifying LED Variability

Delphi4LED [1] is an H2020 ECSEL European research project involving 15 partners across Europe. Its ambition is to deliver a complete model to assess the performance of complete LED luminaire...
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Merelle Dr., Thomas

How Next Generation Design Tools Accelerate Time to Market and Secure Design Decisions

The technical intricacies of an LED system design can be astonishingly complicated. Evaluating options becomes extremely time consuming and leads to risky decisions. LED manufacturers’ product selectors or simple parametric...
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Mirand, Francois

From Architectural Lighting to Architectural Media

Architectural lighting must be reconsidered as architectural media. In state-of-the-art architectural projects (or retail, or hospitality, etc.), every light source is now digitally controlled and therefore effectively a digital pixel.  Some of...
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Koerner, Brad

WORKSHOP – Quality of Light, Rethinking Lighting Specifications

LED technology changes the way we interpret lighting metrics. Designing with LEDs is not as straightforward as it used to be with conventional technologies. For lighting designers, specifiers, store owners,…...
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Voorspoels, Reinhard

Workshop – PMMA, See. Feel. Experience.

Hands-on workshop in order to experience the optical material PMMA. Targeted are all professionals involved in product design with plastics. Background Thermoplastic materials have been key enablers for innovation and...
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Kogler Dr., Rene

Benefits of an Information Centric Lighting Network

In 2018, hardly anyone doubts that connected lighting controls are the future of the lighting industry. However, the last couple of years proved how challenging this environment is for wireless...
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Slupik Dr., Szymon

Hermetic Polymer-Free White LEDs for Harsh Environments

AlGaInN-based white LED can achieve lifetimes of up to 100000 h depending on junction temperature and current density. However state of the art silicone encapsulated LEDs with powder-based phosphors reveal...
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Kunzer Dr., Michael

Reinventing Office Lighting – The Making-of an Innovative Office Task Light

The office world is currently undergoing big changes. New concepts like shared offices, co-working spaces and a growing demand of home working models which are compliant to office standards are...
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Armbrüster Dipl.D., Till

Heat Fluxes and Temperatures in Chip-on-Board LEDs for Different Package Structures and Phosphor Technologies

Content summary • Heat flux in chip-on-board LEDs • Temperatures of junction, case and surface temperature • Package with bare and encapsulated chip • Phosphor layer of silicone and ceramic...
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Wagner Dipl.-Phys., Max

OpenAIS: Advantages of IoT Connected Lighting in Reality

OpenAIS ( is a project sponsored by the EU in the Horizon2020 program where 10 leading European companies cooperate. In the past 3 years a system architecture was developed that...
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Stevens, Henk
Verbrugh Dr., Stefan

Injection Moulded Diffraction Gratings on Curved Surfaces. A Breakthrough for a Cost-Effective Industrial Mass-Production

Diffraction gratings and other high-precision optical elements are widely used in sensors, analytic systems, laser-applications and various other fields. However, due the very small structural sizes, even below the µm...
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Walch Dr., Manuel

Smart Lighting Owns the Ceiling – But What About the Walls?

The transition from traditional lighting to LED lighting has triggered a wave of innovation that will establish lighting as an Internet of Things (IoT) backbone in the building. High node...
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Kassner DI, Matthias

Advancements in LED Technology Enabling High Luminance LEDs

Recently, high luminance has become a key requirement for LEDs used in directional applications such as stage lighting, sports lighting, and retail. Increased luminance (flux per LED luminescent area and...
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Goetz Dr., Werner

A New Approach to Optical Beam Shaping for Lighting Applications based on Nano-Optics

In this paper a new revolutionary approach to optical beam shaping for lighting applications is presented. The optical devices, developed by IQ Structures under the trade name Nanoptiqs are based...
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Skeren Dr., Marek

Simulation Techniques During the Process of LED Driver Development

Every LED driver is composed by one, two or sometimes three different topologies based on power electronic components: magnetics, MOSFETs and DIODEs working under hard conditions. The electronics reliability is...
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Giménez B.Eng., Antonio Cuadra

New Ways to Illuminate and Entertain Surfaces and Spaces – Digital Controlled Light on Wallpaper Material

Light, information technology and audio/video are increasingly converging. Digital controlled LED-Wallpaper to digitize any Surface and Space is a precursor of this convergence: digitized light on ultrathin foil is bridging...
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Nehrhoff von Holderberg, Lutz

WORKSHOP – Commissioning an IoT Lighting Infrastructure. What Makes it so Difficult? How the Process can be Improved?

From simple scenarios to advanced control strategies, we’ll examine what tools and competences are needed to commission a smart lighting system in a time and cost efficient manner. We’ll look...
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Hobot, Michal
Slupik Dr., Szymon

Rapid Evolution of High-Power LEDs Package from SMD to CSP to Direct Mountable Chip

In recent years, Chip-Scale Package (CSP) have been introduced to certain lighting applications. Compared to conventional Surface-Mount Device (SMD) high-power LEDs, the CSP technology has improved on compact design and...
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Denis, Xavier

Latest Development on Drivers – Control and Dimming

While control is already used in many lighting applications, the share of controllable systems and the extend of control is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. One of...
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Meyer Andersen, Dr., Toke
Madsen Dr., Mickey

Rapid Prototyping of Complex 3D Optical Components

Nowadays complex 3D optical components with (sub-) microstructures on the surface of bulk optics become more and more attractive for different applications. Such examples can be found in lighting systems,...
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Postl DI, Markus
Kuna Dr., Ladislav

What is Li-Fi? Everything You Need to Know: Opportunities & Challenges

Imagine a world where every one of the billions of lightbulbs in use today is a wireless hotspot delivering connectivity at speeds that can only be dreamed of with Wi-Fi....
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Topsu Prof., Suat

Semi-Empirical Characterization of Freeform Microlens Arrays

Microlens arrays (MLA) are used since long for imaging and non-imaging applications. Because of the small dimensions of they can be cost-effectively replicated onto flexible thin-film substrates and retain great...
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Fernandez Dr., Oscar

Influence of Converter Topology on the System Interactions

“Electronic converters are widely used in order to supply a LED module. The electrical interface between both has not been standardized over many years. At first glance this interface appears...
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Heckmann DI, Markus

TRI-R Technology – The Light Closest to the Sun for Human Well-Being

LED, a new scientific light gave us a chance to think about the essence of light, in other words, what light is for human being. Considering about light in association...
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Kobayashi, Kumpei

BIOWNLIGHT- Brings Day-Light to Life

Released to life 6 channel light mixing technology BIOWNLIGHT is a new step in Biodynamic Lighting – Enhanced HCL. It provides automatic circadian lighting modes while supporting human natural biorhythms....
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Danauskas, Ramunas

The T-Word: Tolerancing, and its Role in Illumination Optics Design

Tolerancing is a subject that is often overlooked, or not fully addressed, in the design of illumination optics. Tolerancing methods are well developed and understood in the lens design and...
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Jacobsen, Dave

LED Filaments – A New Technology Enables Classical Design in LED Retrofit Lamps

The technical progress of LEDs in the last years has enabled new luminaire designs in the General lighting market. Due to the increase of efficacy, less LEDs could be used...
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Hofmann DI, Markus

DALI-2: Standardized, Interoperable Components and Smart Luminaires

DALI-2 is extending and enhancing the strengths of DALI as a dedicated, standardized protocol for digital lighting control. For many years, the lighting community has installed DALI systems that are...
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Wade Dr., Scott

Technology Changes our Business. A Consultants View on the Future Challenges of the Lighting Market

We have seen the LED transformation. It has been labeled disruptive, but most of the lighting players are still there. Where is the disruption? How did the lighting industry manage...
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Werner Dr., Walter

Demonstrations – Visual Perception and Health

LED technology offers new spectral and radiative features for lighting applications for which conventional quality criterias and measures (introduced in 1974 and before) are not sufficient. At the same time...
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Staggl, Siegmund
Pohl Mag. rer. nat., Wilfried

WORKSHOP – Ambient Communication

We will stage a superb co-design workshop on Ambient Communication, a new way of conveying information, aiding human behaviour and providing services through light. Humans have substantial ability to process...
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Rosenius MSc., Tapio

Multi-Functional Optical Silicone-to-Thermoplastic Over-Molded Component for LED Lighting

Silicone optics have become quite well adopted in high end LED lamps & luminaires lighting applications, such as, e.g., automotive headlamps, outdoor streets, roadways and stadium as well as retails....
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de Buyl Dr., Francois

Connected Lighting Use Cases and End User Benefits: Fixture Based Control for Outdoor and Indoor Lights

Peter Duine will cover the power of partnership in connected lighting. His keynote will focus on providing clear example of why partnership and standards are so important in this new...
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Duine Dr., Peter

LED Lighting: An Active Contribution to Eye Health

LED Lighting offers immense opportunity, now with processor control, to positively impact on eye health. Recent research in Europe, USA and Australasia reveals how light can be used to improve...
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Mason Dr., Stephen Archer

An Introduction of OLED Lighting Technology

Beside to display technology, OLED also has unlikely potential for lighting applications. Where extremely thin, flexible or transparent light sources are desired, OLED can exploit its potential as a supplement...
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Keibler-Willner DI, Claudia

The Latest Developments In Laser Light Sources For Industry-Leading Luminance

We provide an update on laser light technology including luminous flux, luminance, lumen density, efficacy, and color quality. LaserLight has demonstrated record breaking results with 750 lumens emitted from a...
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Carey, Julian

Connected Emergency Lighting – Safety and Security in Controls and Emergency Lighting

Having emergency lighting, just to meet code and just to code, is not enough. The world is starting to take notice of the importance of emergency lighting. The traditional rudimentary...
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Ludyjan, Jeremy

Flexible Graphite for Superior Thermal Management Solutions in LED Lighting

Recent trends in the LED industry include higher power LED packages, novel architectural form factors and smart & connected lighting. All these trends have one thing in common: more electrical...
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Gough MBA, Jeff

The Psychological Evaluation of Urban Lighting Design

This study is based on a psychological approach to light in urban Environments which is designed to improve perceptual and residential quality in inner-city areas at night. Due to the number...
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Greule Prof. Dr. , Roland
Braun Dipl. Psych., Torsten

LED Tape for Tunable White Based on an Inductive Design

LED modules providing tuneable white is the core technology for human centric lighting. It is state of the art that such LED modules consists of two types of LEDs with...
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Michal Dr., Roland

VLC Luminaire – Visible Light Communication

As part of a funding project, the Institute of Electronics at NTB has developed an intelligent luminaire system that is capable of organising itself, controlling brightness and optimising power consumption...
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Piai Prof., Guido

Aluminum Oxide PCB – Technology for Developing New Generation LED Solutions

The LED industry is developing and posing new challenges to manufacturers of LEDs, PCBs, thermal interfaces and cooling systems. In particular, PCB manufacturers for LED applications solve conflicting tasks: 1....
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Osin Dr., Aleksey

WORKSHOP – Wellness Real Estate, New Challenges in Healthy Lighting Requirements in the Built Environment

Moderator: Dr. Perez Panelists: Dr. Stephen Archer Mason, Optometrist and Managing Director, Sustainable Eye Health Pty Mag. Wilfried Pohl, R&D Manager, Bartenbach Francesc Jordana, R&D Lighting Manager, Simon Wellness real...
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Jordana, Francesc
Mason Dr., Stephen Archer
Pérez Dr., Octavio L.
Pohl Mag. rer. nat., Wilfried

Size Matters – Small Form Factors Drivers to Support Flicker-Free Airy and Artistic Luminary Design

As consumers become more sensitive to the quality lighting, a new metric is appearing: flickering. We’ll take a look at the flickering of conventional direct AC (driver on board) and...
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Baruah, Leon
Hopwood B.Sc., Keith

Defining the Spectrum for Unique Lighting Applications, TM-30-15 and Human Centric LED Sources

Today’s novel, new LEDs spectrums and CCT tunable LEDs require more complex methods for characterizing “quality of light.” Too many lighting specifiers today are struggling with a supply chain using...
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Jory MBA, Tom

Cost-Effective Manufacturing of High-Quality ITO Thin Films on 300 mm CMOS for Next Generation Display Technologies

Owing to its exceptional optical and electrical properties, indium-tin oxide (ITO) is nowadays the material of choice for providing transparent electronic conduction in nearly all flat panel displays used in...
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Falub Dr., Claudiu Valentin

Requirements on High Performance LED Driver for Professional LED Lighting

Professional LED lighting is overcoming today many shortcomings of the first LED lighting systems. In the early days of LED lighting the focus was predominately on outperforming conventional bulb and...
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vom Bauer DI, Ulrich
Day 3
27 Sep 2018

Spectral Innovations in Theater Lighting

LEDs paved the way to serve applications with custom designed spectra. From fashion applications it is evident that light sources with same correlated color temperature do produce distinctly different visual...
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Reisinger DI, Markus

How to Tackle the Increasing Complexity at Legislative Compliance

Design of luminaires is becoming easier due to the use of standard modules. Still the design of optics and the mainly performance related parameters are considered the challenge. But is...
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Nuesink, Jacob

LEDs Solutions for Sports Lighting

This paper discusses how spectral tuning and LED source size can be used across all sports lighting applications. In years past, the retrofit lamp industry witnessed the revolution of indoor...
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Chang Dr., Shih Shun
Sischka, Ingolf

A Call for Innovation – Can Entertainment Lighting Requirements be Combined in a Comprehensive Lighting Solution

The EU spends a lot of effort on reducing overall energy consumption to achieve the climate goals of the Kyoto Agreement and to contribute to environmental sustainability. One measure to...
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Allabauer DI, Christian

Modern Lighting Audits – Technology Supporting Designers and Contractors to Verify Lighting Installation Quality

LED products quality assurance has been discussed a lot in the last several years. Many standards and system solutions were developed to control the lighting product quality. Lamp manufacturers and...
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Przybyla MA, Mikolaj

Reliability of New Light Quality Metrics: Challenges and Opportunities

Together with high energy saving potentials, LED reliability is considered as one of the key advantages of this technology for artificial lighting [1]. The promise of lighting systems with high...
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Hamon Dr., Benoit

Destroy in the Lab to Last in the Field – LED Robustness, Reliability and Life Time Testing

“Among the many advantages of LEDs is their long lifetime. Lifetimes of 50 000h and more are expected and claimed which is equivalent to more than 10 years if operated...
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Wilm DI, Alexander

Plant’s Responds to Exposure of Different Lighting Conditions

“Securing food for a growing world population, loss of fertile soils by urbanization, erosion and desertification and change of precipitation patterns due to climate change and negative impacts of conventional...
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Keuter DI, Volkmar

Closed Loop Control Systems for Supplementary Lighting in Smart Greenhouses

With the global trend of increasing urban population, there is therefore an observably growing demand for fresh, high quality, flavor and nutrition-rich food to be supported for the cities. The...
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Zseller Dr., Viktor

Temperature Profiling of Secondary LED Optics by Infrared Thermography

Over the last few years, the power density of white LEDs has increased dramatically. Whilst there are large efforts to optimize the thermal management and thus the temperature stability of...
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Nolte Dr., Peter W.

Light Flicker: A Reasonable Measurement Method in View

Meanwhile, there are some measuring devices to measure light flicker because it has been recognized that fluctuations in the brightness of artificial illumination have a negative effect on the nervous...
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Erwin DI, Peter

Luminaire Efficiency – A Proposal to Think Different

LED-technology is being utilized in more and more areas. Tunnel lighting for example is an extensive field for the application of LED-technology especially in countries with alpine terrain, like Austria...
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Niederstätter M.Sc., Andreas
Day 4
25 Sep 2019

Interact Indoor Navigation Applied to the Benefit of People in Shops and Offices

Interact Indoor navigation provides accurate location services through Visible Light Communication (VLC). Philips LED luminaires are location beacons in addition to providing energy efficient illumination. This presentation will explain how...
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Verbrugh Dr., Stefan