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Beyond Efficacy, New Possibilities of Lighting – Part I

by Mike MANG, Vice President SAMSUNG Electronics


Each Place Has Its Own PurposeComplete it with the Right Light – Part II

by Elio Jin-Ha KIM, Principal Engineer, SAMSUNG Electronics


Meet the Guru – Part III
Lighting & Biology

Webinar with Professor Robert LUCAS, University of Manchester


Full Spectrum Horticulture Lighting Enriching Crop Quality and Output

Samsung’s full-spectrum-based horticultural lighting LEDs encourage healthier and more balanced plant growth by stimulating photosynthesis, enhancing plant immunity and increasing nutritional value. As the sole light source, LEDs for vertical farming must be all about efficacy.


Refined Lighting Adjustment to Promote an Optimized Circadian Rhythm

Samsung’s Human-centric Lighting Solutions utilize precisely designed light spectra with optimized amounts of cyan to accommodate lighting needs to the extent desired at any given point in time: the LM302N DAY improves alertness and the LM302N NITE enhances relaxation.