How Automotive Designs & Approaches Can Inspire Us

TiL 2018 - The Right to Create
25 Sep 2018

How Automotive Designs & Approaches Can Inspire Us

What makes an automotive light designer? Is it the ability to think in candela, lux, lumen? Or is it the ability to create unique lighting designs, interactive lighting experiences and address the need for safety, comfort and system integration?

In his inspirational talk, Dr Hiebaum will share his view on what drives the automotive industry’s lighting designers and how they incorporate automotive lighting solutions in the exterior and interior into cutting-edge, game-changing design concepts. He will give his insights into how he believes automotive design approaches can inspire us.

Lessons to be learned:

  • Design trends in automotive lighting
  • Lenses, prisms, laser and OLEDs: impact for next generation vehicle designs
  • Design impact of Lighting Carpets for safety and functionality
  • What lighting designers can learn from automotive design