How to Tackle the Increasing Complexity at Legislative Compliance

LpS 2018 - Lighting Quality & Testing
27 Sep 2018

How to Tackle the Increasing Complexity at Legislative Compliance

Design of luminaires is becoming easier due to the use of standard modules. Still the design of optics and the mainly performance related parameters are considered the challenge. But is that all?

The world is changing at a rapid pace. We saw the introduction of several new standards and pieces of legislation in 2016/2017. In 2018 the developments will continue to go at a fast pace. Not only will we see a new Energy related products regulation, the so called “one lighting regulation” but also other directives and regulations are coming into force or are already in force (by September). Many of those are not the standards requirements that we had to deal with till now. The new privacy directive will have impact also on product design and for example the cybersecurity regulation will also have a serious impact on lighting design. The implications on product design and approbation procedures are serious. Many companies are only focusing on the current and very basic directive. Only few companies are already looking at the implications that they have to deal with future applications. The main challenge for the industry is how to create modules that will allow for easy product design. Helping those smaller niche companies to implement their legislative approbation process. Smaller niche manufacturers have the challenge to be compliant and still be able to provide products that are in compliance with legislation.

How to do this? First, we will make quick dive into the history and how we came to where we are now. Than what is/has changed in the last years. Mainly the introduction of smart in Lighting has started the many complicating factors that have to be tackled. In the end, it is all doable if we tackle the issue with a carefully planned approach. It is not so much different as in the past there are only more factors to consider.

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