Why Is There A Light Switch on My Phone? The Importance of Interaction Design for Office Lighting

TiL 2018 - Humanizing Tech
25 Sep 2018

Why Is There A Light Switch on My Phone? The Importance of Interaction Design for Office Lighting

Following the rapid penetration of SSL lighting and IoT, the Internet of Lights is covering ground in office buildings. This transformation offers significant benefits for lighting controls, building management, and human-centered lighting. The connectedness of modern lighting systems allows for easy integration of a wide variety of interfaces that people can use to tailor the lighting environment to their needs. In order to bring these benefits to people it is crucial that they accept the technology, understand how to use it, and that they can benefit from it

The Intelligent Lighting Institute as part of the Eindhoven University of Technology, together with various industry partners, explores the experience of people with intelligent, interactive lighting systems and their control interfaces. Ongoing research explores how designers of interfaces for lighting control can go beyond phone applications and technical lighting parameters, by providing meaningful ways for people to inform the system of their needs and by taking the social context into account.

In this talk we will explore the field of design for lighting interaction through several studies conducted in labs and in the field. We present a broad range of innovative lighting interfaces for personal lighting control. The main differentiator of this work is the focus on consideration of the social context. This is followed by research insights in designing for meaningful intelligent lighting behavior, layered interaction on lamp, lighting and context level, and shared interaction. We conclude the talk with opportunities for the lighting value chain from an end-user perspective. 

Objectives of the lecture

  • Needs and experiences of people using lighting systems should be first and foremost
  • Innovative control interfaces for office lighting
  • Inspiring research insights on interaction design for office lighting