Light is the Source of Well-Being: HCL for Large Surfaces

TiL 2018 - Lighting Heart & Soul
27 Sep 2018

Light is the Source of Well-Being: HCL for Large Surfaces

Today, modern lighting offers more than just optimum visibility. With innovative concepts for Tunable White and Human Centric Lighting, it is possible to uses the many positive effects of light in order to create more pleasant working environments. Improve the quality of life with light
quality by using efficient lighting systems.

The right light at the right time
Referring to the artifi cial light of an HCL solution, the timeline shows the change in color temperature over the day. Biologically effective light with a high blue content activates us from morning to lunchtime and also when we hit a performance “low” in the afternoon. Towards evening, the color temperature gets warmer.

Optimized lighting for the modern working environments of tomorrow
When it comes to the well-being, motivation and productivity of employees, the whole working environment plays a crucial role. In addition to an appealing, pleasant room design, the lighting also supports the physical and mental balance. For individually adjusted lighting systems, lighting industry provides cost-efficient HCL components. An installation in an open-plan office shows the possibilities these concepts have to offer.

How to design large areas with LED deSIGNer tool and how to easy control
In few steps with an online tool it is possible to crease uniform large areas in the cieling that meet HCL requirements

Objectives of the lecture…
What is HCL
How to realize and plan large lighting areas with HCL
How to control HCL without be a light control expert