Putting the Smart in Smart Buildings with Bluetooth Mesh

TiL 2018 - Beyond Illumination
25 Sep 2018

Putting the Smart in Smart Buildings with Bluetooth Mesh

There’s a compelling business case for the smart building. Building regulations and in particular, energy efficiency regulations are driving the adoption of advanced technologies such as Bluetooth mesh networking in sophisticated smart building systems.

Commercial lighting provides a natural grid for connectivity. Add mesh networking into the mix and retailers will have the power for in-store navigation or customized promotions. Hospitals will have the power to track patients and expensive equipment. Factory floors will have the power to connect all machines for better monitoring and maintenance. And businesses will have the power to intelligently control lighting and temperature, and monitor company property. With unmatched ubiquity, reliability, and interoperability, only Bluetooth mesh networking can catalyze smart lighting as a platform and help make smart buildings truly smart. This session will explore Bluetooth mesh networking and how this next evolution of the globally known and trusted technology will make the biggest initial impact in the commercial and industrial space by enabling smart lighting as a platform.

Objectives of the lecture…
Learn how companies are using lighting as natural grid for connecting other devices.
Learn how you can use lighting to provide location and asset tracking services in places like hospitals, commercial buildings and factory floors.
Learn how lighting can provide new revenue and quality of life opportunities to building owners, operators and tenants.

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