Sun – Culture – Perception – An Interactive Experience

TiL 2018 - The Right to Create
25 Sep 2018

Sun – Culture – Perception – An Interactive Experience

Our teamwork is based on the interaction between people living in different continents, with their intrinsic differences of creed, culture or physical features and education.
The objective of the lecture/workshop is to cause the participants to understand the relationship between latitude and lighting.
A minimum of 30 participants is necessary in order to achieve a good production of material and mapping of results.
The TIL event is a good platform for our international study, interact in a holistic way and generate conclusions that help a deeper understanding of our reality.
These conclusions, once explained, we wish to believe, will influence the daily work of both professionals and the lighting industry. The work dynamics is based on the integrative and interactive use of personal mobile telephone (WI-FI is necessary), using an internet page APP to generate data entry.

Data mapping is based on individual sensory interpretation in:
# Intensity of light, custom/visual comfort
# Sky/ambient color
# Clear shadow – blur/contrast
# Interior-exterior lighting / interrelation
# Room temperature/daylight hours – night
# Population density/personal distance
# Architecture/art/cinema
# Scents/meals
# New technologies generate challenges in social and climatic adaptation.

A) The objective of the workshop is for the participants to understand the relationship between latitude and lighting. New technologies will be adapted to the latitude the person lives on B) The transfer from one technology to a newer one will be done wisely and responsible.

The important issues in architectural light design are a dialogue between:  a. Art and design  b. Constantly learning and teaching. c. Dialogue between natural light and artificial light d. Be and generate interactivity between people and systems.

Humanity is present, the past we learn from and the future we wish for.