Water Metering Data Acquisition and Transmission Through Street Lighting Enabled Network

LpS 2018 - Lighting Applications
27 Sep 2018

Water Metering Data Acquisition and Transmission Through Street Lighting Enabled Network

With the advent of digitalisation and connectivity in a sector such as lighting, new paradigms for interoperability between services are generated, which facilitate and improve the citizen experience. The street lighting network, because of its privileged location, can play a determining role. The street lighting network is visible in the most remote locations and covers almost every inhabited area worldwide. Its privileged position close to residents and thanks to its connection to the power grid not only provides the essential street lighting service, but also acts as the ideal platform from which to support many others. This is a major challenge given that this network must have a high availability ratio and provide a robust service, for which it is necessary to carry out an adequate deployment. In return, it allows us to have interoperability between the different urban services, to be more efficient in the management of them and to provide them to the citizen with higher quality.

Water supply is one of the most important urban services in a city. Its proper management is a guarantee of water quality, of the sustainability of the service through the optimization of resources as well as a correct quantification and valuation of the cost of said infrastructure. Currently there are advanced systems for the measurement of water flows, both for human and industrial consumption. Many of these systems incorporate data acquisition and transmission capabilities. However, this is not always easy since these systems often have important limitations such as the use of limited lifetime batteries, the lack of connection to the electricity grid or their location in places of difficult access or in the absence wired or wireless connectivity. All this makes it difficult or expensive to manage the valuable data provided by these systems.

We will describe, through a practical case, how to facilitate the acquisition and transport of data from water meters through the use of a nearby street lighting enabled communications network.

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