Workshop – PMMA, See. Feel. Experience.

LpS, TiL 2018 - Lighting Design
26 Sep 2018
Saal Bodensee

Workshop – PMMA, See. Feel. Experience.

Hands-on workshop in order to experience the optical material PMMA. Targeted are all professionals involved in product design with plastics.

Thermoplastic materials have been key enablers for innovation and have contributed to the development and progress of society. Transparent as well as opaque plastics have been used in the lighting industry for many decades and the share is ever increasing with LED light sources.


From a materials manufacturer’s point of view it can be concluded that material knowledge is very good, if not excellent, within the technical and production staff of plastics processing industry. Designers, however, need a broader understanding of combined properties. Characteristics such as haptics, aesthetics, optics and ageing properties must be known – in addition to general applicability and processing – for designing a good product.


Expressly not intended is to getting hard facts on optical, rheological, thermal or mechanical properties across to the audience. Instead, each participant is prompted to work and play with PMMA as the representative optical thermoplastic material. Many aspects and functions which the acrylic polymer has to fulfill in an e.g. luminaire over the entire lifetime are addressed.

In detail, the following topics will be experienced, developed and presented:

  • Haptics
  • Optics (light guiding, light diffusing, light outcoupling)
  • Coloring
  • Mechanics
  • Weathering
  • Sustainability



Number of participants: max. 40