WORKSHOP: Quality of Light : Is it All About Flickering?

TiL 2018 - Beyond Illumination
25 Sep 2018

WORKSHOP: Quality of Light : Is it All About Flickering?

We live in revolutionary times. Revolutionary, that is, in terms of lighting design and the tunability of light. One of the main drivers of this revolution is the astonishing rate at which solid state light sources can change their intensity. If this intensity change is not optimized or controlled in a proper way, not only the visual annoyance will be experienced by the observer but also the temporal light artefacts ( TLAs ) might have negative impacts on human well being.

With an interactive demontrators, I’ll try to show what are these temporal light artefacts and talk about new metrics which should be taken into account to judge the light quality at system level.

Objectives of the workshop…
To create awareness about temporal light artefacts caused by the light modulation
The new metrics recommended to be used to describe these TLAs
The key points to evaluate the light quality from TLA perspective

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