WORKSHOP – Quality of Light, Rethinking Lighting Specifications

TiL 2018 - Lighting Heart & Soul
26 Sep 2018

WORKSHOP – Quality of Light, Rethinking Lighting Specifications

LED technology changes the way we interpret lighting metrics.
Designing with LEDs is not as straightforward as it used to be with conventional technologies. For lighting designers, specifiers, store owners,… to fully capitalize on the possibilities LED lighting offers, they must change the way they think about lighting and develop a new understanding of the relationship between commonly used light parameters, like CCT and CRI.
With interactive demonstrators I will show and explain how the most known lighting metrics are sometimes incorrectly used.The audience will experience what the metrics actually mean and how LED technology differs compared to conventional technology. I will also show how the emotion in a room, the look and feel of an environment and the perception of the value of products in a shop are influenced by the quality of the light.

Target audience: lighting designers and specifiers
Target applications: retail, hospitality, office

Objectives of the workshop…
Specifying LED technology in the same way as conventional technology can result in a totally different results which might not be preferred.
To be able to specify the correct LED lighting solution you have to understand how the metrics work and how LED technology is different wrt conventional technology.
To be able to specify the correct lighting solution you must understand what the end-user really wants before talking about certain metrics.

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