DasGupta, Aninda | TiL Forum

OSRAM, VP & Global Head Strategic Marketing Digital Systems

DasGupta, Aninda | TiL Forum

OSRAM, VP & Global Head Strategic Marketing Digital Systems


Aninda DasGupta is currently Vice President and Global Head of Strategic Marketing in the Digital Systems business unit of OSRAM, a global leader in lighting solutions and systems. He is also general manager of the Flex and Signage business line. In addition he also heads e-commerce initiatives. In a prior role at OSRAM, he was head of General Lighting sales and marketing in APAC. Prior to joining OSRAM, Aninda held senior leadership roles in R&D, Marketing, Business Development, General Management and International Sales in companies like Philips, Flextronics, etc. Aninda has Graduate degrees in Engineering and Business Administration from Rensselaer Polytechnic, Northwestern University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Light is Freedom of Design

New buildings are beautiful containers for offices, luxury apartments, hotels room and shopping malls. Light has the challenge to follow the complexity of architecture of new building and, at the same time, to be a key ingredient for architects. Building façade are the visit card of several real estate companies all around the world. Interior design is a successful factor in most of applications for different purpose. The majority of indoor and outdoor architectural designs requires a great degree of flexibility to adapt light to curve and linear surfaces. Unfortunately old style LED strips shows their limits when diffuse light and flexibility at the same time is requested.

The task is how to get the optimal solution for indoor and outdoor applications’, adaptable to curve or linear surfaces, that can be used as is without the need of extra accessories to obtain an homogeneous and high quality level of long lasting light. Professional lighting experts who wants to create amazing lighting concept without major restrictions need a system-solution, i.e. a perfect match with reliable power supplies and dimming to go behind todays limitations.

The agenda will cover:
‒ How to use diffused light lines without visible spots
‒ Do’s&Don’t’s of Flexible & cuttable modules to support design freedom
‒ Advantages of IP67 protection with high performance silicone
‒ Requirements for Outdoor use: UV & salt mist resistant
‒ Possibilities of Long operational length per single power feed possible (up to 6m)
‒ Advantages of Extra strong self-adhesive backside for easy mounting
‒ Comparison of 24V technology for easy dimensioning
‒ Increased reliability due to single piece reel-to-reel technology
‒ Smart Solutions of Dimmability with PWM technology
Recommendations for system use with led power supplies

The purpose of this presentation is to show how flexibility and differentiation can be reached for planners and specifiers who need side emitting for curve surfaces as well as top emitting surface for planar areas. Ease of mounting, length adaptation, required accessories for proper project-realizations round up the speech.

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