Herbert, Stefan Yazzie | TiL Forum

The Paranormal Unicorn, CEO

Herbert, Stefan Yazzie | TiL Forum

The Paranormal Unicorn, CEO


Stefan Yazzie Herbert is a Native-American / Austrian designer living and working in Vienna. He studied Digital Art at the University of Applied Arts before dropping out to concentrate on his first company The Paranormal Unicorn, a creative new media agency. Having worked in many fields such as lighting, animation, events and film-making, Stefan recently founded a new venture: House of Bandits, a creative collective consisting of 12 companies all from diverse creative industries. When not working on the business side of things, Stefan is interested in developing technological innovation to create exciting new concepts and the importance of play in the often stressful industry of creative design.

Light, Creativity and Tech

Technology is often developed with economic applications in mind. The goal is to create a product that caters to the largest possible audience, to create a product that is useful to as many people as possible. But the more cutting-edge the technology, the more difficult it becomes to market it and make it understandable to your target audience. This conundrum has doomed plenty of technological breakthroughs before they ever made it to market.

Enter the creative industry. Constantly looking for new tools to create new concepts that were never possible before, the creative industry can take technologies and use them in ways that are not only aesthetically interesting but also in ways that hadn’t been dreamed of before. As an example, the Microsoft Kinect began as a gaming controller and is now one of the main tools used for interaction-based art.

When creatives are given the chance to play with new technologies, value is created for everyone. The creatives get to create with tools that have never existed before and the creators of the technology have a perfect way to showcase their products. I’d like to talk about the recent history of lighting and technological innovation and how the rise of the internet has led to a push in the demand for innovative, authentic and interesting media for companies.

„There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible.“ – Mark Twain

And I want to prove Mark Twain wrong.

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