Jenck, Laurent

ERP Power, VP Business Development Manager

Jenck, Laurent

ERP Power, VP Business Development Manager


Laurent has 28 years of experience in product marketing, business and operations management. He is currently the Vice-President of business development and marketing at ERP Power, where he drives the expansion of customers and the product roadmap definition for ERP’s portfolio of LED drivers and power supplies.

Previously, Laurent held a variety of business management and marketing positions in the areas of green energy, AC-DC power supplies, web-based circuit modeling, DC-DC power conversion, portables and wireless. Laurent has extensive working experience in the USA, Asia (China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc.) and Europe. Laurent received his MSEE degree from INSA in Lyon-France and his MBA from the W.P. Carey school of business at the Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

Case Study Integrating Bluetooth + Mesh Into LED Drivers and Light Fixtures

ERP believes that LED drivers are the natural place to embed intelligence for lighting controls, and integrate with a variety of sensors, to form the backbone for access to Internet of Things (IoT) applications. We call it the Internet of Lights. This presentation covers the integration of Lighting Controls using Bluetooth Mesh into LED drivers and light fixtures using 2 different hardware configurations:

  • External: In this configuration, the Bluetooth Mesh RF module is integrated in a small plastic adapter, outside of the LED driver.
  • Internal: In this configuration, the Bluetooth Mesh RF module is integrated inside the LED driver making the integration entirely seamless for the light fixture manufacturer. Because the case of the LED driver is made of metal and attenuates the RF signal, the integrated configuration offers 2 options of antenna.

This presentation not only addresses 2 different hardware implementations of an RF Bluetooth Mesh module but in a second section, it also explains how to control (dim up & down, switch on & off, communicate with other light fixtures, etc…) the light output of a luminaire using an app that can be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google play store.

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