Meeß-Olsohn Dr., Lars | TiL Forum

Atelier leichtbaukunst, Architect

Meeß-Olsohn Dr., Lars | TiL Forum

Atelier leichtbaukunst, Architect


Dr. Lars Meeß-Olsohn is an Architect at the Atelier leichtbaukunst and Initiator und Manager of the TEXTILE-ARCHITEKTUR network.
1991-1998 Aachen (D); RWTH Aachen; Studied Architecture. 1993, 1995 Seville (ES); ETSA Seville; Studied Architecture in Barcelona (ES); University of Autònoma de Barcelona; Erasmus Scholarship. 1998-2004 Essen (D); University of Duisburg-Essen; Civil Engineering  (PhD) on the subjects of lightweight construction and membrane construction (Tensegrity/Textegrity). 2004 Founding of the leichtbaukunst atelier at the ZukunftsZentrumZollverein (FutureCenterCustomsUnion), Essen; since 2008 a resident of Velbert-Langenberg ( since 2009 Initiator/Director of the TEXTILE-ARCHITEKTUR network ( Since 2017 executive partner of the ZEBRA Sails GmbH, Düsseldorf

Grants/ Awards
2016 German Design Special Award, for Network-Demonstrator, Frankfurt. 2014 ICONIC Award Architecture Winner, Pavilion “LOOPs 2.0”; Munich. 2011 InnoMateria – Award, Nomination for the concept of the Special Exhibition;, Cologne. 2009 Outstanding Achievement Award, Industrial Fabrics Association International, IFAI; for Light & Tensile Installation “DAR LUZ”; Eindhoven with Ali Heshmati and National Honor Award; American Institute of Architecture AIA, San Francisco. 2009 StandortInnenstadt.NRW (Location City Center.NRW) Award for “IMPULS”; Light Art Stage in the framework of the Ruhr2010, European Cultural Capital City, Bochum. 2005 WorldGames Award for Light-Installation “AN UNS” with Chinmayo, Duisburg

The Fifth Material – First Impression

Within the scope of the task for the futuristic appearance of a car and shuttle approach of a Hotel, it was not only necessary to develop a protection from rain, but at the same time to create an inviting welcome-gesture for the guests:

A light, air pressure-stabilized foil cushion of 13 m diameter in the form of a circular lens allowed the desired floating character above the existing concentric paving. In order to generate the necessary shading of the hotel’s driveway, the ring-shaped edge of the upper ETFE film layer was dyed white. This leads to a pleasant, diffuse and, with respect to the light color, neutral light at day. At the same time, this translucent area also serves as a projection surface for the LED lighting, which also defines the holding area of ​​the taxis and shuttle services especially in the evening and night hours. Six powerful LED luminaires provide functional light below the roofing. The DMX-controlled LED strips in RGB were installed at the inside of the huge steel ring, while the supply lines were hidden inside that steel profile. To keep the foil cushion in shape 24 tangentially running ropes support the upper and lower layer to protect them against a permanent deformation. As well the light is reflected by the stainless steelropes to underline the technical impression of the installation.

In contrast, the completely transparent, central area of ​​the upper foil-layer, in conjunction with the likewise transparent lower foil-layer, allows an open view to the sky and also to the tower-like Congress Hotel from the early 70s. As a designer and specialist in lightweight construction / textile architecture, Dr. Lars Meeß-Olsohn interact in his projects with light and the so-called “fifth material”: the technical fabrics and foils make an attractive addition due to their form-finding process to the classical form-giving process of concrete, steel, glass and wood in temporary or permanent constructions.

Client: Lindner Hotels / Lindner Architekten, Düsseldorf

Conzept/Planning: leichtbaukunst, Dr. Lars Meeß-Olsohn

Lighting: Planning /Technik: licht I raum I stadt planung GmbH

Engineering: KTA. Kiefer Textile Architektur

Manufacturing/Assembling: Koch Membranen GmbH

Steelwork: Hahner Stahlbau GmbH

Ropes/Terminals: Carl Stahl ARC GmbH


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