Olbertz, Guido | OLED Workshop

OLEDWorks, Business Development Manager

Olbertz, Guido | OLED Workshop

OLEDWorks, Business Development Manager


Guido Olbertz started his career after his study of electronics and automation in the field of automotive testing and software development. Searching for new challenges, he entered the lighting industry esp. automotive lighting. After 5 years, he contacted the OLED lighting technology facility within Philips and became responsible for customer projects and system integration. In his present role as a Business Development Manager for OLEDWorks, he introduces customers to the potential of OLED as a light source in different application areas.

OLED – Bring your Design to Light

OLEDs have done more than make previously unimagined technical solutions possible – since they appeared on the global lighting stage. They are adjustable, adaptable and as capable of making a spectacular appearance as of providing more restrained, barely perceptible lighting. Consumers can enjoy an entirely new form of light with OLEDs. No more redirecting, reflecting and manipulating point sources and linear sources. A beautiful light quality comes from the just millimeter-thin OLED panels. Just turn it on and the entire surface of the OLED delivers a pleasant, low-glare, broad spectrum light, which is unrivaled by other light sources and systems.

Just a glow.  Too expensive.  Not available in volume. These are just a few of the tags that cling to the reputation of OLED lighting. It is time to shake off these dusty labels and start seeing OLED lighting as the exciting innovative light engine it truly is.

Let’s consider performance.  OLEDs now enable beautiful light quality at truly functional light levels.  One panel can provide e.g.: 300 lumens.

So yes, the performance is enticing.  But aren’t they too expensive?  More and more lighting designers are concluding “no”, that in fact the total cost is compelling. OLEDs are easy to integrate. The OLED itself offers numerous variations of a new light source, right out of the box. There is no need for complicated thermal management, optical wave guidance or diffusers. This results in less product development time and faster time to market.

With performance and price opening greater market opportunities, are products available in volume?  Absolutely!  Lumiblade OLED panels can be shipped in large manufacturing quantities very quickly, usually within a few weeks.

The OLEDWorks presentation shows how easy it is to work with OLEDs, esp. the integration of OLEDs within applications – projects and luminaires.

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