Petridis, Evan D. | TiL Forum

Enlighted, Chief System Architect

Petridis, Evan D. | TiL Forum

Enlighted, Chief System Architect


Evan Danny Petridis is a technical leader with wide experience as an executive, system architect and designer. An electronic engineer by training, Evan has developed an array of technology products in computer networking, telecom, renewable energy and the Internet of Things (IoT).   He has cofounded several companies and now focuses on unearthing concrete business benefits in the realm of IoT systems architecture.

Are You IoT-Ready™?

The market is ready for brilliant buildings. And we’re here to tell you how the lighting industry is evolving to make brilliant buildings a reality today. Indoor lighting fixtures are an ideal carrier for IoT technology in smart buildings, providing ubiquitous location for granular data collection while delivering power to the sensors. Yet today, less than 5 percent of LED fixtures are shipped with smart sensors. Since these fixtures typically boast a long lifetime of 15+ years, we are condemning a building be dumb for the next 15+ years.

Additionally, for those lighting fixtures that do feature IoT technology, smart sensor technology is evolving rapidly, and the installed IoT technology will likely become obsolete during the fixtures’ 15+ year lifecycle. But, imagine a world where every building has the ability to operate with an advanced, up-to-date sensory system… whether that’s now, two months from now or even five years from now by simply popping in a sensor into an IoT-Ready™ LED light fixture. And building operators can future-proof their buildings by upgrading the IoT technology with new sensors as they see fit rather than waiting for their next lighting upgrade to install new sensors.

These IoT capabilities will provide building operators invaluable insight on HVAC, space utilization, asset tracking and more, allowing them to fully optimize buildings and building envelopes in a way that’s never been done before. The best part? If IoT isn’t in the cards during the initial construction process, it’s now available as a simple retrofit option that is as easy as plugging in a light bulb.

Join us to learn more about how the greatest leaders in IoT, controls and lighting are vigorously working on new IoT-Ready™ standards to turn this vision into reality.

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