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Weiss, Reinhard J. | TiL Forum



Reinhard J. Weiss has studied Mechanical Engineering at the Higher Technical College (HTL) and Technical Business Management at the Universities of Vienna and Halle. He has 10 years of management experience working for an international heat producer based in Germany and 20 years of self-employment in the segment of environmental technology. Mr. Weiss is a former CEO of drexel und weiss GmbH, Vice President of VKR Holding Denmark and CEO of Photinus GmbH. Actually he is CEO of LEDON Lamp GmbH.

Universal Use – Solar Lighting is the Topic of Today

In addition to conventional mains-powered lighting, there is huge demand world-wide for complementary, self-sufficient lighting points in outdoor areas. However, numerous lighting solutions are never implemented for economic or technical reasons or are unable to achieve significant market penetration – something strikingly similar to what is happening in the area of electromobility.

As regards the development of new lighting solutions in this sphere, the first question that came to mind was the following: “What are the crucial parameters for self-sufficient solar lighting to become ready for large-scale use?“ When developing such a lighting solution, we aimed at meeting the following requirements: compliance with architectural and aesthetically demanding standards, no technical interventions required for at least ten years, and lower costs than conventional lighting points.

A new self-sufficient solar lighting solution for outdoor areas is now being presented to the public for the first time by LEDON, the Austrian LED specialist. This innovative luminaire sets new standards with regard to eco-friendliness, economic efficiency and design, and seems likely to overcome the current competition between economy and ecology.

Based on various aspects, technological concerns relevant for the development of the new solar luminaire are explained, among them energy storage, energy generation, the LED lighting unit, the luminaire’s design, and the aspect of climate neutrality.

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