Pohl Mag. rer. nat., Wilfried

Head of Research, Bartenbach

Pohl Mag. rer. nat., Wilfried

Head of Research, Bartenbach


Studied mathematics and physics, started 1985 at Bartenbach, since 1998 Member of Managing Board and Director Research, dealing with artificial lighting, daylighting and building physics, visual perception and light and health.
Leader of various international planning and R&D-projects in these fields.
Lecturer at different universities, university teaching position at the Lighting Academy Bartenbach (a branch of the University of Innsbruck), several scientific papers and presentations, participation in international advisory boards.

Spectral Quality – Einfluss des Spektrums auf den Menschen; LICHT 2014, Den Haag
From Digital Lighting to Smart Lighting Smart Lighting; Smart Lighting Conference, Barcelona 2014
Lighting with LEDs – More than just Illuminating Objects; LpR50, July 2015
Licht und Technologie: Licht im Wandel; Architekturjournal wettbewerbe, Juli 2015
Light and Health – newest research findings and its applications; LpS 2016 Bregenz
Energieeffizienz und Helligkeitseindruck im Verkauf; Licht 2016 Karlsruhe
Biodynamische Beleuchtung – Anwendungen und wissenschaftlicher Hintergrund; Licht 2016 Karlsruhe
HCL – Just a phrase?; Tagung Smart Lighting 2017, Hamburg
New daylight solutions for energy and health; Tagung Luxeuropa 2017 Ljubljana
LED-Beleuchtung – Demonstration der Chancen und Risiken; Kongress lighting technology, Essen 2017
Trends in Lighting – Demo Quality; Kongress LpS 2017 Bregenz

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