Event Overview/Facts

9th International LED professional Symposium +Expo | LpS 2019
SEPT 24-26, 2019 | Opera House Bregenz

Lighting Technologies of Tomorrow

Europe's leading lighting technologies conference and Exhibition

  • DESIGN, TESTING and PRODUCTION of lighting systems, controls and equipment.
  • 1,700+ attendees from 50+ countries130+ speakers120+ exhibitors.
  • Strategy/trends, design/engineering and application/solution days with up to 6 parallel conference tracks.
  • Keynotes, lectures, forums, workshops, panel discussions, exhibition tours. Full paper conference book (570+ pages) of all lectures including presentations download.
  • Academia & industry contributions in the fields of Human Centric Lighting, Indoor/Outdoor Lighting, Automotive Lighting, Display/Signage Lighting, Horticultural Lighting, Art/Museum Lighting and Medical Lighting.
  • Main Topics: Industry & Technology Trends (Markets, Roadmaps, Innovations), Light Sources (LEDs, OLEDs, Lasers), Light Quality (Human Centric Lighting, Visual Perception), Smart/Connected Lighting & IoT (Drivers, Controls, Sensors, Networks, Security), Components and Modules (Optics, Cooling Devices, Materials), System QualityQualification (Regulations, Standards, Testing), Methodologies (Engineering, Design), and Technologies in Applications.
  • Scientific Award, 3 Technology Industry Awards, 3 Application Industry Awards.

Statistics / Survey Results 2018

  • Attendees: 1,612 from 43 countries, Speakers: 123, Exhibitors: 121
  • Design & Engineering (32%), Corporate Level (23%), Architect, Lighting Designer, Planner (12%), Technical Sales, Distribution (12%), Marketing & Communication (8%), Procurement (5%), Editor, Educator, Consultant (2%), Other (6%)
  • Spectra of the program: 1 – Excellent (21.7%), 2 (52.4%), 3 (16.9%), 4 (7.9%), 5 – Poor (1.1%)
  • Networking opportunities: 1 – Excellent (24.9%), 2 (41.3%), 3 (25.9%), 4 (6.9%), 5 – Poor (1.1%)
  • Venue: 1 – Excellent (46.6%), 2 (35.4%), 3 (11.1%), 4 (2.6%), 5 – Poor (4.2%)
  • Would you recommend the 2019 event to your business partners?
    1 – Definitely (36.5%), 2 (41.8%), 3 (14.8%), 4 (5.3%), 5 – Definitely Not  (1.6%)
  • Will you be attending the 2019 (SEPT 24-26) event?
    1 – Definitely (21.7%), 2 (46.6%), 3 (22.2%), 4 (4.2%), 5 – Definitely Not  (5.3%)


“LpS is a great opportunity for experts in light technologies and research to come together. It allows professionals to share ideas that help to shape and build the future of light”. Professor Shuji Nakamura, Nobel Laureate Physics 2014
“One of the most important lighting events in the world”. Dietmar Zembrot, CEO Trilux
“The LpS event has continuously grown and developed into one of the most important conferences on innovations in the lighting industry. You can see everything that is related to the myriad of developments for and in connection to the LED. Lamps, new systems and the Internet of Things can all be seen in Bregenz”. Diederik de Stoppelaar, Secretary General, LightingEurope
“Every person I talked to, exhibitors and conference attendees, systematically praised the quality of the presentations and of the visitors. Mark your calendar for next year’s event under motto “Smart Technologies for Lighting Innovations” on 26-28 September 2017”. Carlos Lee, Secretary General, European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) 
LpS is the winner of the Austrian Congress Award 2017.

Highly Qualified Attendees & Decision Makers

  • Executives, CTOs, Technical Directors, R&D Managers and Personnel, Design Engineers,  Technical Application Engineers, Technical Specifiers & Procurement Staff, Technical Sales and Marketing Personnel, Technical Editors, IP Managers and Personnel, Technical Consultants, Students of light engineering subjects
  • Lighting Manufacturers, Component Manufacturers, Module Manufacturers, Distributors, Test Equipment Manufacturers, Production Equipment Manufacturers, Lighting Software Companies, Lighting Consulting Offices, Lighting Planning Offices, Research Institutes and Universities, Testing Laboratories, Approval Laboratories, Lighting Organizations, Specialized Press
  • New Attendee Groups: Architects, Lighting Designers, Lighting Planners, Electrical Planners, City Planners, Investors

Lighting Exhibition and Showcase

  • Components, Modules, Equipment, Lamps, Luminaires, Network-Solutions, Services
  • 130+ exhibitors, research organizations, start-up companies, lighting & media organizations, 
  • LEDs, OLEDs, Laser-Diodes, Phosphors, Light Modules, Optics, Sensors & Detectors, Drivers and ICs, Supplies, Thermal Management Devices and Materials, Controls, Electronic Materials and Connectors, PCBs & Substrates, Coatings/Resins & Encapsulants, Communication and Interface Modules, Measuring Equipment & Services, Controls and Engineering Software, Research & Engineering Services, Production Equipment & Services, Lamps, Fixtures, Lighting Systems, IT/IoT Solutions

Get-Together & Awards Evening (SEPT 25, 18.30-24.00)

  • Dinner and Live Entertainment: 18.30: Boarding at the Festspielhaus Bregenz and cruise to Lindau (EilGutHalle), 23.30: Boarding in Lindau and cruise to Bregenz (Harbour)
  • Award Winners 2018
    Best Scientific Paper
    Dr. Octavio L. PEREZ, Lighting and ED Clinician Wellness and Performance Improvement
    Best Lighting Technology
    NICHIA, Optisolis Ultra High CRI White LED
    Best Application Technology
    Best Sustainability Technology
    GL OPTIC, Modern Lighting Audit
    Best Lighting Application
    TRILUX, Bicult LED
    Best Connected Lighting Solution
    SILVAIR, Commissioning Tools
    Best Non-Architectural LED Lighting
    BILTON, Linear LED Strip Based on a High-Frequency Design

International Press Event

  • Press event
  • Journalists receive a free 3-day symposium pass with catering, a free ticket to the Get-Together evening event and all documentations including the proceedings booklet.


  • Full conference proceedings ebook (PDF) including all lectures
  • Full scientific and industry papers with graphs, tables, images. 570 pages
  • Download the table of content (2018 Issue): Proceedings Preview

Supported by International Organizations

  • Associations: Global Lighting Association, LightingEurope, International Solid-State Lighting Alliance, European Photonics Industry Consortium, Photonics21, Zhaga, Assodel, APIL, PIDA, and more
  • Media: Licht, Highlight, LED professional, LEDin, mondo arc, LEDinside, Luxlumina, Italian Lighting, LED News Korea, compolux, smart lighting, City Life, and more

Co-Located with Trends in Lighting (TiL 2019)


  • Festspielhaus Bregenz: Awarded Conference Center, Opera House & James Bond Film Location www.kongresskultur.com/en/
  • Festspielhaus Bregenz | Platz der Wiener Symphoniker 1, 6900 Bregenz, Austria, Europe

International Airports

  • Best choice: Zurich Airport Switzerland https://www.zurich-airport.com
  • Further airports: Friedrichshafen, Memmingen, Altenrhein St. Gallen, Munich, Stuttgart

Green Meeting Event

  • The LED professional Symposium +Expo event will be conducted as a green meeting event! Therefore the organizer asks all participants (visitors, attendees, exhibitors, etc.) to assist in carrying out a green and sustainable event.
  • The event complies with the Austrian Eco-labelling criteria for Green Meetings/Events.


  • Luger Research e.U. – Institute for Innovation & Technology
  • Publisher of LED professional, Publisher of the Trends in Lighting Blog, Founder of the Scientific Partnership in Lighting (SciPiL) Network
  • Moosmahdstrasse 30, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria, Europe | info@lugerresearch.com | +43 5572 394489, Local Representatives in Germany, UK, USA, China, Taiwan, South-Korea, India and Japan
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