We can work it out.

Taking part in workshops while attending a professional conference can often bring huge benefits to the participants. At LpS2018 we understand the importance of workshops and all the benefits they can bring to our delegation.  The close interactions during workshops with other delegates from across industry and research will generate new and exciting conversations that will encourage you to actively share and develop innovative and insightful visions and solutions for the future of lighting.

We have collaborated with the very best from lighting technologies, curating a program of workshops where like-minded people will assemble to discuss a whole host of topics including lighting in the built environment, laser projectionand solid state lighting measurements.

Here are our reasons why workshops bring added value to your conference experience:

Learn Something New
Attending a workshop where the experts are speaking and demonstrating their skills, will allow you to ask them any questions you have directly and will give you the opportunity to learn something new. Networking is crucial to business success and to getting the word out about your business. During workshops, not only can relationships with clients and peers be strengthened, attendees can also get to better know the industry’s thought leaders.

Gaining expertise
You may gain more expertise in your field and you may return to your work place being a person that others go to for knowledge and for new ideas on ways to improve the way things are done. We want to enable you to give your peers new insights to help your business grow and prosper.

Keep Up to Date
Knowing what the latest news and trends are in your industry is key to ensuring you stay ahead of the curve and don’t fall behind. LpS2018 will introduce and debate new trends/technologies that have recently come on the scene and our workshops will give you greater access to understanding and engaging with these new developments, placing you ahead of everyone who did not attend, giving you the advantage.

Get Inspired
Watching someone in their element and doing what they love can inspire you to take action. It could be that they inspire you to add something new to your business, to adapt a product or a lighting solution, to consider new applications or change the way you do things entirely. One great benefit is that people often leave a conference with new feelings of inspiration.

Here are the workshops for you at LpS 2018 (See in the program overview).